Yuval Sussman: “At Maccabi Tel Aviv I did not show enough of my abilities”

Despite his young age, it is impossible to say that Yuval Sussman does not know the Euroleague well. The 23-year-old Sussman managed to make no less than 79 appearances at the most prestigious factory in Europe, but as is well known, they all arrived in the yellow-blue uniform of Maccabi Tel Aviv. Tonight (Friday) Sussman will open another season in the Euroleague in the same colors, but those of Alba Berlin.

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Sussman chose this summer to embark on a fascinating adventure in the German capital, where he shares the floor with Tamir Blatt and creates a pair of Israelis who will make fans of the industry here in Israel follow closely throughout the season. Just before he begins his new journey against the powerful Barcelona, ​​the guard-forward spoke openly in the “Speak and Roll” podcast of Ofer (Juba) Gross and Oded Halperin about the special playing method of Alba, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Blatt and more.

The difference between the Israeli and German leagues
“There are a lot of differences. Basketball here (in Germany) is very fast. The score is very high because the attacks are very fast. The coach tells me to run to the corners as fast as possible. I did not know it before. “In this form of play you can not play more than 5-6-7 minutes at such a high intensity. It’s really sprints back and forth, you have to be in very good shape.”

“We are not looking at a loss-assist ratio, but a kidnapping-loss ratio and trying to make it as close as possible to 1. If I lost two balls, the expectation from me is that I will try to snatch two balls back. In the first videos, Tamir and I (Blatt) watched one. “On the other and we did not understand what it is because we have never seen it. It’s an amazing form of play because there is so much flow to the game and that’s why on any given day any player can score 13, 15, 20 points because it’s in the flow of the game.” He even scoffed at Yannis Sapropoulos’ use of it: “There are no attacks here that I stand in the corner and do nothing about. There is mobility. “

On the method in Maccabi Tel Aviv compared to Alba
“Somewhere I felt I was not showing enough of my abilities. It’s no secret that a lot of people thought the same thing. When Alba made me an offer, I had no consideration because that’s the form of the game I believe in. In Alba I smile all the time I’m on the court. “In Alba Tactics. We do not watch too many videos about the opposing team, we play our game. Even if you prepare for it, you can not be prepared for it. In the country of basketball is very tactical.”

“Alba’s amazing form of play” (Getty)

Alba’s goals
“Our desires for this season are to win the championship in Germany and take the German Cup. In the Euroleague we have to move from game to game, but the barometer of pressure is not like in Maccabi Tel Aviv. It’s not that if we lose a game it’s the end of the world. We have between 80 and 90 games a year and in two days we have another game. We have no time to mourn, it is not life or death. We can lose or beat any team on any given day. In March or April, we will not say, “Oh, we lost Lavon in the first round.”

The game alongside Tamir Blatt
“In the second or third practice, the coach came to us and told us that we need to speak to each other in Hebrew while playing because it is important. This can be a great advantage. We got to talk a few times while playing and implement what we planned to do. Regardless, Tamir feels better “From game to game. It takes us a while to get used to it. He’s a great morale and if the guys are willing to accept the ball, they will make delicacies. The guys on the team say his dedication is amazing. They love that he is not afraid – if you are alone, he will try to find you.”

Daily life outside the group
“On the field, Tamir and I know each other in an amazing way. I understand that when the training is over, everyone likes to do their own thing and he is with his family and I am alone here, going to eat with a friend or meeting with the agent. We take some freedom from seeing each other Day. Berlin is an amazing city that has a lot of things similar to Tel Aviv. It has a lot of culture and history, but everyone talks about it that winter is approaching and it will be difficult. Do not leave the house, insanely cold and not nice people. Let it be. “

Not the same pressure as at Maccabi Tel Aviv (Getty)

Feelings for the Euroleague season
“This is my fifth year as a Euroleague player from a young age. It’s beautiful and dignified. It’s not excitement, it’s a certain joy. You’re happy you’re in this place and you enjoy it. Once the media man told me ‘you’m excited for the first game at Alba Berlin,’ ‘Alba Berlin’ I had a zoom out and I said to myself ‘Buena, I’m in Alba Berlin. You do not think about it until you get it from the outside, it’s not a joke. “I can now understand the foreigners who come to Israel and upload pictures of the family at home. It’s not easy to play ten months away from home. It’s part of the dream and the game I love to play and these are the sacrifices I make and I know I and my family are whole with it.”

The expectations from him
“Do not expect more from me because I am a stranger. I have no numerical goal in mind. Last season’s average (2-3 points) is incorrect and unrealistic because there were games I played a few minutes. I do want to score higher percentages for three and the penalties and score at 50. “Percent and up to 2 because it’s important for my progress. To be as effective as I can and keep a balance, that the coach knows what he’s going to get.”

Goals for the future
“In my eyes, as soon as I saw the offer from Alba I jumped at it because this is the place where I can improve my abilities and show what I know how to do. I do not think for a moment what I will do in two or three years. I enjoy every moment and I understand that the more focused you are “You maximize the results. I see it time after time.”

“Happy Alba.” Sussman’s breakout season? (Getty)

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