Nahum Barnea on Bennett’s speech at the UN: “Netanyahu’s shadow is long”

Nahum Barnea on Bennett’s speech at the UN: “Netanyahu’s shadow is long”
Nahum Barnea on Bennett’s speech at the UN: “Netanyahu’s shadow is long”

Veteran commentator Nahum Barnea writes in his weekly column that Prime Minister Bennett’s trip to the UN annual rally was a mistake because he also knew it had no purpose | “Netanyahu’s shadow is long”

In his weekly column in Yedioth Ahronoth, veteran commentator Nahum Barnea criticizes Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s trip to the UN General Assembly. Managed to disengage from Netanyahu’s rescue.

“The best thing that can be said about Bennett’s trip to New York is that it was unnecessary,” Barnea writes, explaining the reasons: “The UN annual rally is a problematic event. At its best, it provides a platform for heads of state to impress public opinion in their countries. In grazing, it gives international legitimacy to dictators and murderers, whom America has blocked for the rest of the year. “

According to Barnea, “Bennett knew that he would not find state leaders in New York to meet with. Most of them were content with zooming speeches, because of the corona.” And he accuses that Bennett came to the place only because of former Prime Minister Netanyahu. “He came to the rally to put a pin on the map, a picture on the album. Was Netanyahu there? He too will be. He wanted to establish in the minds of Israelis the fact that he is the prime minister, full-fledged, he and no one else.”

Barnea concludes that Prime Minister Bennett has not yet been able to disengage from his predecessor’s rescue: “Most politicians play with their backs to the basket, face back. They do not forget anything and learn nothing. Bennett is different from them: he knows how to turn a page, look forward. “His success in the first 100 days of his government. But, at the moment, Netanyahu’s shadow is long. The trip to the UN has proved that Bennett is having a hard time getting rid of him.”

Barnea also criticizes Bennett’s attack on the Ministry of Health’s professional echelon on the UN stage: “Bennett attacked Ministry of Health officials at a briefing he gave in New York. This was Dredk’s mistake: the public does not like politicians who wash the dirty laundry outside. The insult is unfounded, of course. He mentions jokes about Polish mothers, who carry their insult to a grave. “What will they think of Sharon Elrai at the UN? They will not think. Still, the damage has been done.”

  • Epstein was insane 10:12 01/10/21

    Prime Minister Resounding failure

  • Eric 10:32 01/10/21

    In life they will not take him seriously no matter what he does
    I do not think he is trying to emulate or compete with Bibi, but even if he is, he is so stupid that he does not know how to do that either.
    Now there is really no government so everyone is responsible for themselves. There is no one to trust at all.

  • Avi 10:56 01/10/21

    Hole-Hunt Government

  • 11:18 01/10/21

    He can only be a Bibi clerk

  • 11:21 01/10/21

    What success has he had? A swindler and a swindler is annoyed by mourners like Barnea. Bennett is only concerned with how to be prime minister tomorrow.

  • sash 13:13 01/10/21

    They are so thrilled with Bibi’s power and talent that even 100 days after they defeated him and achieved their goal, they still fail to complete the space they have within their hearts. Jealousy still burns in them, hatred still burns in them, and evil gets all the fuel from them and preserves them as game soldiers. The day they begin to connect to reality, understand complexity, and most importantly know how to recognize good then they will make a significant leap forward in their suicidal path.
    Come on, let go of the man. Bibi, Bibi, Bibi – you’ve become obsessed.

  • Why did Sarah laugh 13:39 01/10/21

  • deer 14:21 01/10/21

    He’s a liar, he does not represent the public, he does not broadcast leadership, he did not speak on the matter, the world is not interested in Israel’s internal affairs, he spoke in an empty hall, in short he left no impression, in short as they already said an empty car came out of Bennett.


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