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Man’s creation, in a different way from other creatures, teaches us about the forces that lie within us • An exciting story about the last Simchat Torah evening, gives us a positive outlook on life | Message from this week’s Torah portion ‘Bereishit’

Wow, how many exciting moments there have been in the last holiday month, very many!
But I want to share with you something small that happened on the evening of Simchat Torah, close to midnight.

After the big event at the Stella Maris Center – which was attended by hundreds of people, women and children, we set out with the joy truck to walk around the neighborhood. True, it was a bit late, but Simchat Torah is only once a year…

People waved their hands from the windows, kids waited downstairs and got candy and was very happy.

At one point we reached a square at the end of the neighborhood, where we stopped for a few minutes for an activity on the square and went down to rejoice with the Torah scrolls.

Suddenly a car stopped next to us, when the driver signaled to Rabbi Avraham Tirosh that I was about to come to him with the Torah scroll. He took his head out of the window, put one hand on the head (as a dome…) and the other hand on the Torah scroll, closed his eyes and mumbled something, then put his head back in and drove away…

In this week’s Torah portion “Bereishit”, the Torah tells of the process of the creation of the world and the creatures, when man – the chosen creature, was created at the end. And as the Gemara explains in the Sanhedrin Tractate “so that he may enter into a meal immediately” (that everything will be ready for him).

Simchat Torah in Haifa (Yehuda Ginzburg)

In the in-depth book of the old Rebbe, the founder of Chabad Chassidut called “Torah Or”, Rabbi Shneur shows us Zalman the uniqueness of man:

Why was man created differently from other creatures? While all creatures like the plant and the animal were created with their souls together (the plant with the growth force in it, the animal “the water will run the water that ran a living soul”), man was first created only a body “and God created dust from the earth” and only then Soul of life ”?

Even in the oral Torah it is said that in the beginning man was created like a golem and only after a few hours did God inflate the soul in him – why?

And at length explains, that man is different from all, in that his body is lower than all – created from the inanimate, from the dust of the earth – but his soul is higher than all,

Man’s ability to elevate himself to such a spiritual place that the soul cannot be created together with such a low body.

Which means – that Gd gave us the choice whether to be as low as the body or to be as high as the mind and soul…

This matter is explained at length in the doctrine of Hasidism, which teaches man about his soul and soul, about the divine powers inherent in him – and how far we can lift ourselves to high places.

This is the virtue in the study of storks – which elevates the soul to a higher level, and gives a different perspective to life.

Sometimes when looking at someone, it is impossible to know what is going on inside his heart. Sometimes it even seems to us that he is on a lower level than us.

But on the evening of Simchat Torah, in true joy with the Torah as it is closed, it is revealed that everyone has a high soul. The job is just to pass by him with the Torah scroll to find out…

Let’s stop for a moment and ask ourselves – What have we taken with us from the month of the holidays?

The Ascension of the High Holidays, the Joy of Sukkot and Simchat Torah – What about her the day after?

I would like to invite you to a weekly meeting with me – every Monday at 20:30 at the Chabad House at 69 Tchernichovsky Street, Haifa, we will talk and wait in the Talmud, Chassidut, Parshas Hashavua and uplift the soul.

You can also make a different decision according to what you see fit!

It will be a good, practical decision that will affect the whole year for good and blessing.

Greetings to you in a healthy and rainy winter, full of Torah and mitzvos, that will bring today the complete redemption by the Rebbe Moshiach Tzedeknu.

With the blessing of Shabbat peace and blessings and a good month

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