Ben Caspit in the attack on Bennett: “Imitation of Netanyahu”

Ben Caspit in the attack on Bennett: “Imitation of Netanyahu”
Ben Caspit in the attack on Bennett: “Imitation of Netanyahu”

Commentator Ben Caspit, known as one of the main opponents of the opposition leader and an ardent supporter of the current government, sharply attacked the prime minister, claiming he was an imitation of Netanyahu: “This concept is the essence of bibism.”

If until now the writers of the weekend series mainly praised Prime Minister Bennett, and for this ‘kidnapped’ on social media and by other journalists, today they are attacking him sharply.

After Nahum Barnea attacked, the commentator Ben Caspit, a well-known supporter of the government, also sharply attacked the prime minister in the newspaper Maariv. The criticism comes in the wake of Bennett’s attack on senior officials and health ministry experts during his political visit to the UN.

“That is not why Naftali Bennett came to the Prime Minister’s Office. We have had one in the last 12 years: six gods of war, attacking every stump of credit and a coupon tail, a man of strife and contempt who despises public servants and sees no one from the rain,” he wrote.

“Netanyahu only knew how to talk about himself, leaving behind scorched earth. Bennett promised a change of government. His attack on senior Ministry of Health officials is not a change, but an imitation. That is exactly what Netanyahu would have done. So what did we do?”

“I estimate that according to his analysis, the prime minister knows that he has already won. He is now fighting for credit.

“So this is it, no. He’s wrong. This concept is the essence of bibism. There is no need to quarrel over credits. The credits go to whoever comes, and even without the last confrontation Bennett would get his points, because the public is not stupid. That is, the positive, “said Mercury.


Ben Caspit attack Bennett Imitation Netanyahu

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