News 24 | It includes a light hail that is harmful to the body.. Al-Zaqqaq explains the weather features that will be witnessed in the month of October

The astronomer expert, Dr. Khaled Al-Zaqaq, explained the atmospheric features that will be witnessed in the month of October, which falls on today (Friday), indicating that the month of November witness the most beautiful and sweetest seasons of the year at all.

Al-Zaqqaq said that October is his two arms؛ one of them scoops From the last basin of Suhail (Al-Safri), and Dhir` scoop From the al-Wasm basin, both of which are soft seasons, adding that this month, the signs of winter will begin in the northern regions with a slight cold.

He pointed out that the cold that the northern regions will witness, despite its mildness, is harmful to the bodies, indicating that the first of October will witness the Suwayba season for the people of Hijaz, in which the night begins to take away from the day.

He added that in mid-October, the marking season enters, and at the end of it, it is the earliest time to enter the noon time, as moisture shrinks on the coasts, leaves turn green and autumn flowers bloom.

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