“Facebook” reveals group chats that combine “Messenger” and “Instagram” in the municipality

On Thursday, Facebook announced the launch of a feature that allows the user to participate in group conversations, including users of the “Messenger” and “Instagram” platforms.

The move comes as part of Facebook’s efforts to make its applications work with each other in a way that makes it easier for the user.

In order to take advantage of this feature, the subscriber must choose to activate it between the “Messenger” and “Instagram” applications and choose to conduct group conversations.

According to Facebook, “More than 70 percent of eligible people on Instagram have updated (their choice) to the new Messenger experience.”

Facebook also revealed other features, in addition to group messaging across applications, including the feature of polls, which will be added to group conversations.

Polls in this way are useful and enjoyable for users of Facebook applications, as they allow, for example, a group of friends to put forward an idea or a set of options for participants to vote on and choose among them, according to the American Al Hurra channel website.

Last October, Facebook launched the cross-talk service for the Instagram and Messenger applications; As it allowed for the first time, at that time, the user of either of the two applications to have a conversation with a friend on the other application.

Last November, Facebook launched the “ephemeral messages” service on the “Messenger” and “Instagram” platforms.

This service would automatically delete all messages, photos and videos in conversations, after viewing them by the recipient, after a period of time.

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