Collaboration between the corona wards at Rambam and Carmel hospitals due to the shortage of Acme teams

Barel Green
1 October 2021 | 16:36
Health, flashes

Yesterday (Thursday), a call was received from Ziv Hospital in Safed to connect a young and unvaccinated 40-year-old patient to Acme due to a system crash. The Carmel team was preparing for the trip, but due to a shortage of machine operators in the hospitals, a request was made by Dr. Yigal Kasif, head of the Israeli Acme Association to Rambam’s chief technician, Rami Heisler, to join the trip.

The joint team set off, the patient was successfully connected in collaboration between the teams of Carmel and Rambam and at the end of the connection the patient was transferred with a dedicated and protected ambulance to Corona Carmel Intensive Care.

Photo: Elaine Thompson / AP
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