Hind Al-Qahtani opens fire on a famous Sanabia, describing her as “personal and demented” • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Snapchat celebrity Hind Al-Qahtani launched a sharp attack on another celebrity, describing her as impersonal.

“Al-Qahtani” said in a video clip that she posted on her “Snap” account: “What are you, demented, impersonal, following me by the second? You have always concluded your Snaps with videos and photos of me, because you have no personality.”

And “Al-Qahtani” continued her attack, saying: “You know why, because in your movements, the tone of your voice, and your style, you imitate one that has a long history in Instagram, and after that I moved to Snape.” I want views.”

She explained: “My love, you know because you are dealing with merchants, but you will not reach me. Ask the merchants, tell them how to advertise on Hind, do you know that I take many times the amount that you take.”

And she pointed out: “I tell you a piece of information, you know, that I am among the top five paid in the Middle East on Snapchat, and despite these ads, they did not stop.”

And she continued: “Information that you know, and the followers of my mobile number communicate from a mobile number, and if it is announced once, it is announced dozens of times, despite taking many times more than what you take, O smart one, you originally want to open an issue in order to increase your views.”

While Al-Qahtani mocked her, describing her as stealing another famous style and way of speaking, saying: “Let your style steal her style, tone of voice, laughter and everything.”

And she continued: “I stole from her rights reserved in style and speech, I do not know why she is silent, and God raises the pressure, you want people to believe you and you are a thief, no one believes the thief.”

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