Trapped people rescued from a burning residential building • Fire in Haifa – the smoke threatens the building’s occupants • Updates • Watch – Haifa

Update at 12:18 • Fire with trapped people in a residential building on Arad Street in Haifa

Control of the incident was achieved, in total, seven trapped were rescued in a light condition, one of whom was rushed to the hospital.

During the stages of the fire and rescue forces taking over the fire, the police said that a suspect had been arrested for setting it on fire – see the link:

October 1, 2021

Reshef Kobi Mishita, the first commander to attend the cremation event – concludes Watch

Haifa Station Commander, Deputy Chief of Staff Suissa Yitzhak reports incident control Watch

Trapped people rescued from crematorium in a residential building • Update at 11:55

Currently there is a fire on the first floor of the residential building on Arad Street, the smoke has spread to all parts of the building and is threatening the occupants.

So far, five residents have all been rescued in a light condition and without the need for medical intervention.

Fire in a residential building – rescue of trapped people (Photo: 22)

Haifa Station Commander Mishnah Suissa Yitzhak is on the scene and continues to command the incident in which the fighters continue with life-saving searches after those trapped in the building.
We will keep updating all the time.

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1 October 2021

Fire in a residential building – rescue of trapped people (Photo: 22)

Original News – Preliminary Report • Fire and Trapped in a Residential Building in Haifa 11:25 p.m.

Fire and Rescue delivered to Haifa – News Corporation:
Burning of a residential building on Arad Street in Haifa.

Rescue of trapped people from the burning building Watch

Rescue workers are treating rescued tenants Watch

Rescue trapped from a crematorium in the building • Watch

Firefighting and rescue forces in a building fire Watch

Trapped people rescued from the building, firefighters under the command of Reshef Kobi Mishita are working at the site, and further reports follow.

Fire in a residential building – rescue of trapped people (Photo: 22)
Fire in a residential building – rescue of trapped people (Photo: 22)


Trapped people rescued burning residential building Fire Haifa smoke threatens buildings occupants Updates Watch Haifa

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