IMLebanon | Officially… Iran occupies Lebanon

IMLebanon | Officially… Iran occupies Lebanon
IMLebanon | Officially… Iran occupies Lebanon

It was stated in “Central”:

The video clip that spread on social media a few days ago shows a large group of visitors heading to Iraq on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of Al-Hussein being slapped inside Rafic Hariri Airport. While some demanded that prayers be held for all religions and sects in their well-known places and not in public places, “defensive” responses were issued by Hezbollah supporters about the rituals. They even went further by demanding that the airport name be changed from Rafic Hariri International Airport to Hassan Nasrallah Airport or Abbas al-Moussawi, who brought pride to Lebanon, while cynics suggested calling it Khomeini Airport because it has become so, according to some of them!

The scene of the slapping ritual in one of the halls of Beirut airport is not unprecedented. Just before the anniversary of Qassem Soleimani’s assassination, Hezbollah raised giant pictures of him in its areas of control in Beirut, the south and the Bekaa, as well as on the airport road. In a scene that is no less provocative and questioning whether Lebanon has turned into a province in the Wilayat al-Faqih, a road sign called the exit route from Rafic Hariri Airport in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, “Imam Khomeini Avenue,” raised by the unions of the municipalities of the southern suburbs. Has Beirut become an Iranian province?

Former Minister May Chidiac confirms to “Central” her rejection of Hezbollah’s attempts to dominate the Lebanese state from the gate of Rafic Hariri International Airport and says: “The scene is really provocative. These traditions have nothing to do with us, and the Lebanese are not affiliated with Wilayat al-Faqih, or at least not all Lebanese.” She denounced the conversion of one of the airport’s large waiting halls into a “prayer” hall: “It is not possible to convert a public hall into a chapel and place chants on loudspeakers. Is there a special permission to do this spectacle? Why was there no clarification from the Rafic Hariri Airport administration?

Dr. concludes. Chidiac, “What happened at Beirut airport is a continuation of the destruction of what is left of Lebanon’s image, and they ask the Lebanese youth not to emigrate and to remain in a homeland that has become an Iranian province, a homeland isolated from its world, and they bear the responsibility for that. We are saved.”

What is indisputable is that the entrance to Beirut International Airport has become a mirror of the reality of the political scene inside Lebanon, and the scenes of pictures, banners and models scattered along the airport road are nothing but an organized and systematic process to change Lebanon’s identity, falsify its history, and place a hand on its present and future! What is reflected in the scene of pictures and signs on the airport road, the Lebanese only? What about the officials, the political class and the diplomats who visit Lebanon? Do you think they leave the impression that they are entering Tehran or Beirut?

Chairman of the Committee for the Implementation of International Resolutions on Lebanon, Tony Nessi, confirms through the “Central” that “all foreign and Arab officials, and even international and non-governmental organizations are now dealing with Lebanon as if it were a country occupied by Iran, with evidence that most of the Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, withdrew their ambassadors from Lebanon in a diplomatic manner and dealt with diplomatically. Its governments are with Lebanon similar to Yemen and Syria. As for the world, there is recognition that Hezbollah’s control has removed the specter of civil war, despite the implicit acknowledgment that Lebanon has become an occupied country by Iran, and the international community, which is preoccupied with its internal affairs and the conclusion of nuclear agreements, does not want to be preoccupied with anything other than providing aid. The Lebanese army and the educational sectors through non-governmental organizations.

Nissi adds, “When we read all these facts, the image that the scene reflects on the airport road becomes clear, which is that Lebanon has been placed on the list of countries occupied by Iran, and accordingly, the images of Khamenei, Qassem Soleimani and Hassan Nasrallah no longer provoke foreign and Arab diplomats to the extent that they are dealing with the status quo on the basis that Lebanon occupied country.”

It is one thing for diplomats, Arab and foreign visitors, and even Lebanese who enter Lebanon through the airport gate, to deal with the scene of the “Republic of Tehran” represented by pictures and models, and for the airport road to turn into a mirror that reflects the reality of the Iranian occupation of the Lebanese state is another thing. Accordingly, it is supposed to deal with the reality of the occupation in a different way. Commenting on this, Nissi says: “The airport road is just an announcement of the Iranian Republic, and it was dedicated with Hezbollah’s entry of Iranian diesel trucks through Syria and the firing of bullets and RPGs to celebrate the appointment of a minister. And any work that is not subject to the decision of the occupation authority will not pass, otherwise…”

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