The rich widow? Disney and Scarlett Johansson reached a compromise

The rich widow? Disney and Scarlett Johansson reached a compromise
The rich widow? Disney and Scarlett Johansson reached a compromise
Scarlett Johansson (Photo by Novikov Yevgeny Alexandrovich / Wikimedia)

Actress Scarlett Johansson and entertainment giant Disney reached a compromise agreement yesterday in a lawsuit filed by the star against the company alleging that she harmed her income from the movie “The Black Widow,” the New York Times reports. The parties did not specify what the agreement included, but it appears to have satisfied both parties, as they stressed that they will continue to work together.

“I’m glad we’ve resolved the disagreements,” Johnson said. “I am very proud of the work we have done together over the years, and I have greatly enjoyed my creative relationship with the team. I look forward to the continuation of our collaboration in the years to come.”

Alan Bergman, president of Sydney Studios, said he was “looking forward to working together on a number of future projects, including Disney ‘Tower of Horror’ – a film based on the company’s amusement park facility.

As you may recall, about two months ago, the star filed a lawsuit against the company, according to which Disney’s choice to release the movie “The Black Widow” for its movie and streaming service, “Disney +”, at the same time, harmed its revenue and violated its contract. The contract in question gave the actress a base salary of about $ 20 million for her appearance in the film, along with a certain percentage of the ticket sales in the cinema – but its expenditure on streaming apparently hurt the ticket sales: despite impressive opening figures of $ 158 million in the first weekend in theaters, which is the record Revenue for a new film since the start of the Corona plague, followed by a dramatic drop in ticket sales and total sales in cinemas so far, stands at $ 379 million – the lowest figure for a film from the Marvel universe since “Iron Man” in 2008. This is in contrast to other company films that, although they started with lower data, have already broken the billion-dollar barrier in ticket sales.

According to Johnson’s agents, the reason for this difference is that Disney chose to release “The Black Widow” to its movie streaming service at the same time as the movie, which allowed many to watch it from their home – and they did, as evidenced by $ 60 million in film sales. In its first weekend in service, representing two million views of the film in homes, or at least four million viewers, assuming that on average each person renting the film watches it with at least one other person.

Meanwhile, Disney has reportedly started signing new contracts with actors and actresses, answering Johnson’s claim that her income as an actress is hurt by the fact that the streaming revenue does not give her a percentage. For example, it was reported that Emma Stone, the star of “Crowella” who was released in the same way, also receives a percentage on the film’s purchases at “Disney +”.

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rich widow Disney Scarlett Johansson reached compromise

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