Reasons to stay with iOS 14

Reasons to stay with iOS 14
Reasons to stay with iOS 14

Apple launched version 15 of its various operating systems, in order to replace iOS 14 on iPhone devices, according to the Arab Gateway for Technical News report, but the company did not stop security and application support in iOS 14, so you can continue to use the system without problems.

This prompted many users to stay with the old system without trying to upgrade to the new one.

There are a set of advantages that justify users staying with iOS 14 instead of moving to the new system, including:

Corporate devices using iOS 14

Some companies distribute iPhones or iPads to their employees, in order to keep the business running smoothly.

Some of these companies prefer to wait and not update their phones and devices to the new versions of the system as soon as they become available.

So if you work in one of these companies or belong to one of these organizations, you are forced to use iOS 14.

Since Apple has decided to support iOS 14 for a little longer, this means that users will not have problems with their companies and that companies may still use the system for a longer period.

Support for apps and extensions

Some applications are delayed in supporting new systems, and it takes some time to support them and update their applications to work with them well.

So you may need to stay with iOS 14 for a longer period until the company updates its apps that you need.

Also, some peripheral companies take some time to update their device apps to work well with new systems.

Small problems and malfunctions

Any operating system in the first period of its life faces a set of unique small problems and malfunctions.

And the system development team needs some time to be able to solve these problems that users face.

Although iOS 15 is stable and stable so far, some small problems are starting to appear, and some users have encountered problems when using the Apple Watch with their iOS 15 devices.

Others have encountered problems that cause the battery to run out quickly or the devices to overheat, and it is expected that Apple will solve these problems with the next update of the system, so if you are facing one of these problems, it is better to wait with iOS 14 instead of upgrading.

New and delayed features

And you may not feel that you need to upgrade to a new system because of the delayed features in iOS 15, as Apple has postponed a large part of its features.

There are features such as universal control, sharing of content via Facetime calls, or support for the Find My network with Airpods.

These features have been delayed from the official launch, and Apple promises to launch them officially in the coming period.

So some may see iOS 15 not offering new features that are worth upgrading and risking performance issues.

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