Liverpool vs Man City .. Klopp: We are facing the best team in Europe

The German coach, Jurgen Klopp, confirmed the difficulty of the confrontation against Manchester City, noting that the match is a great test for the Reds, which will bring the two teams together tomorrow, Saturday, at “Anfield”, the stronghold of the Reds, at half past five in the evening.

Klopp said during the press conference for the upcoming match: “Facing Manchester City is a very big test. They are an amazing team. They lost from Paris and said they would respond, but I don’t think they should, frankly, because they performed well in Paris. They just did not take advantage of their opportunities, unlike Paris.”

On scoring 20 goals in September, Klopp commented: “I didn’t know we did that, we also missed several chances and we shouldn’t do it against City, we are in good shape and we are living good moments and so you can have a chance to win.”

He continued: “Manchester City, for me, is the best team in Europe at the moment. Last week, City beat Chelsea, and they are a very good team, but City was better. This is what we will face. We have to score and also defend at the highest level.”

He added: “It would have been better not to raise the level of confidence this week. Yes, we have to be positive, but we have not faced City yet. City have not faced us yet. We will use the Chelsea-Paris match against City well, we will learn from it.”

He continued: “If we win, our start to the season will be very great, and then we have Watford, Atletico and Manchester United. I am not very interested in our start, but I want to play the best season possible and so far the start is good, but it was only a few games.”

He pointed out: “I have heard that players from the red list countries have to be quarantined in a hotel for ten days. They are allowed to train, play and deliver food, but it does not seem a real solution. The players of the red list countries in our team now are the players of Brazil, Tsimicas and Mane.”

Liverpool seeks to maintain the top spot in the competition, which it occupies with 14 points, and one point behind City, which is in second place with 13 points.

Mohamed Salah also seeks to continue his top scorer, shook the opponents’ net and break records before joining the ranks of the Egyptian national team, which is preparing to meet Libya in the qualifiers for the World Cup Qatar 2022.

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