Emirates News Agency – Expo 2020 Dubai opens doors of hope for humanity

Emirates News Agency – Expo 2020 Dubai opens doors of hope for humanity
Emirates News Agency – Expo 2020 Dubai opens doors of hope for humanity

Analytical article / Mohammed Jalal Al Raisi, Director General of the Emirates News Agency.

ABU DHABI, October 1st / WAM / The United Arab Emirates demonstrated, through the extraordinary and unprecedented opening ceremony of “Expo 2020 Dubai” last night, that it is the country of the truly impossible – as the wise leadership wanted it – according to its vision for the future, to open the doors of hope for mankind. On its ability to adapt the challenges and conquer the difficulties facing the world.

The opening ceremony of “Expo 2020 Dubai” – which represented a harmonious and impressive mixture expressing the world with its various spectrums, gathering its different cultures and civilizations in one place – heralded the inauguration of a new page of excellence and achievement for our dear country in the shadows of the fiftieth year amid local and Arab media attention and An unparalleled international, reflecting the position of the UAE and its ability, in light of the Corona pandemic, to inaugurate a new path of life and hope and to spread reassurance in the hearts of peoples around the world that through coexistence, convergence and cooperation, humanity can shake off the dust of the pandemic and continue its path towards a better tomorrow.

And the son of the Emirates has proven with the launch of “Expo 2020 Dubai” and is still able to write a new history for his country, studded with pride and hope for a brighter tomorrow within the framework of a blessed march whose mainstay is work, work and work, its essence is dedication and sincerity, and its crown is a piercing vision for a sincere leadership and people And in a tireless and tireless giver, he continues to make every effort to add every day a new brick to the edifice of the Union.

It is no coincidence that this great international gathering – in which delegations from more than 192 countries participate along with representatives of international organizations, institutions and global companies to work together for a better tomorrow for humanity – and our country celebrates its golden jubilee .. And here we are at the same time on a date with the beginning of fifty A new one whose first manifestations were Expo 2020 in a cycle that will be exceptional by all standards.

The UAE, with its wise leadership and its loyal people, recalls at this historic moment what the founder of its renaissance, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, “may God rest his soul,” established from a sober approach that the wise leadership continues to follow, taking the UAE’s hand to brighter horizons.

And after eight years of hard work and dedication by distinguished and loyal national teams that formed a summary of the minds and talents of this loyal people, this global event came out to us with its site, which covers an area of ​​4.38 square kilometers .. wearing a brilliant dress that expresses the value and status of our country.

As the UAE celebrates the launch of the Expo, which contains the first world cultures and its best achievements, it is fully confident in its capabilities and ability to organize an exceptional version of this prestigious event.

And for that, the UAE has harnessed its resources, energies and the best of its sons in order to organize a historic hosting of the international event in a way that achieves the desired goal for all the peoples of the world, which is to build a better future for humanity.

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