“Community Development” sets a road map for children’s return to normal life

“Community Development” sets a road map for children’s return to normal life
“Community Development” sets a road map for children’s return to normal life

Dr. Rawhi Abdat, researcher and specialist at the Ministry of Community Development, stressed the need to seek clinical assistance no later than a week, if side or behavioral symptoms appear on the child during the stage of children returning to normal life following the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, indicating the possibility of psychological and behavioral disorders in cases. Sudden preparation, which requires noticing the changes in the child’s behavior, and following them up to ensure smooth access to the next stage. This came in a virtual workshop organized by the Ministry entitled “Rest assured 2”, during which female worshipers shed light on the most prominent mechanisms to be applied to return children’s lives to their previous era, and how to recover from the emerging Corona virus pandemic.

Abdat explained that the sudden return may be accompanied by many negatives, especially that the spread of the pandemic forced academic institutions to switch to distance learning, in addition to creating what has become known as negative adaptation, which led to children being confined, which requires preparing children and providing communication tools with their peers. in the correct way.

The researcher and specialist in the ministry listed the symptoms that may occur in children, including: the child’s shift to clinging to parents, withdrawal from social communication, poor concentration, reluctance to activities with friends, preference for virtual activities and pandemic behavior, pointing out that there are individual differences between children to accept the daily routine. Symptoms vary from one child to another.

On the return to normal life, he explained that there are 4 necessary paths that must be followed to prepare children, and they include the pre-crisis stage, the crisis stage itself, the stage of transition and gradual change, and finally the stage of awareness of full recovery, stressing that parents, educational institutions and care centers adopt these paths. .


Abdat recommended that children should be acquainted with their duties, involve them in opinion, and help them visualize the next stage of recovery, especially in the presence of sediments from the crisis, and take their hands on the way to a safe and complete return to normal life, and encourage them to practice various activities, some of which depend on individual skills, others on group participation.

The speaker called for correcting the misconceptions formed in the crisis, correcting wrong information and negative beliefs about the disease, discussing the child and dispelling his fears, enhancing his individual achievements and his role in adapting to the crisis, reminding him of the skills he acquired during the pandemic and presenting the outcomes of his work to others.

With regard to the category of people of determination, he said: Dealing with children of determination in the transition stage requires additional time and more effort, according to their abilities in general and their ability to adapt, especially since their needs differ from their peers, with the importance of giving them sufficient time to adapt and return to normal life. .

Abdat concluded his speech by reviewing a number of recommendations for the transitional phase, including allowing sufficient time to adapt and getting closer to children by providing clear and simplified information, answering questions, monitoring changes in children’s behavior, providing feedback and observing reactions to emergency changes.

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