Turns out: from next week there will be no more red states

Official approval: Due to the improvement in morbidity data, Turkey, Brazil and Bulgaria – the last three countries still defined as red – will be removed from the list next week – the government confirmed today (Friday). This means that the ban on flying to these countries will be lifted and it will be possible to fly to them as usual. Anyone who does not have a new green daughter will be required to enter full isolation upon his return to Israel. In light of the update that will take effect on Monday, there will be no more red states and all those with the new green label will be able to fly to any country in the world.

Data from the Ministry of Health show that yesterday 69 infected people who returned from abroad in the last 10 days were confirmed, of whom 41 were vaccinated: 37 were vaccinated more than six months ago and four less than six months ago. From USA, 5 from Romania, 4 from Costa Rica, 3 from Switzerland, 3 from Jordan, 2 from France, 2 from Greece and 2 from Belarus.

On September 27, new directives regarding the corona virus entered into force, including an up-to-date classification of the various countries according to the disease state. Among the countries of the world defined as yellow countries can be found Austria, Uruguay, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Gabon, New Zealand, China, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Cyprus. The list of countries painted in red will include Brazil, Turkey and Bulgaria only, and travel to them has been banned except for those approved by the Exceptions Committee.

Except for the yellow and red countries, the rest of the world was defined as orange. The direct implication of the directive is that all pilots vaccinated in the third dose, vaccinated in the last six months or recovered from corona – are exempt from full isolation back from all countries of the world except the three red countries.

in parallel, Israel and the United States pay commissions on mutual recognition agreements for vaccinators for entry, similar to Israel’s emerging agreement with the European Union. Israelis are “vaccinated” in accordance with the status determined by the Ministry of Health.

The move means that once the reciprocal agreements with the United States and Europe enter into force, Israelis who have not completed the third vaccine will not be included.

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