Live: Kfar Qassem – Bnei Yehuda 2: 3, Kafas

The sixth round of the National League kicks off at this time when Boked – Bnei Yehuda hopes to recover from the bad season opener it experienced in an away game against Kfar Qassem and Shlomi Dora. The league’s leader, Hapoel Kfar Saba, hosts the new immigrant Bnei Reina, while the other immigrant, Adumim Ashdod, meets Rishon LeZion.

MS Kfar Qassem – Bnei Yehuda 2: 3

Yossi Aboksis’ team arrived in a very bad shape for the game with 5 points out of 15 possible. The Oranges disappointed in the previous round with a 0-0 home win against Bnei Reina and are placed only 11th in the table. On the other hand, Shlomi Dora’s team started the season great and is in second place in the table, with the same number of points as the leader as PS. The Reds from Kfar Qassem have conceded just two goals so far this season and will hope to continue the positive momentum.

DQ1: Gate! MS Kfar Qassem took a 0: 1 lead: Roi Dayan raised an excellent ball from the right wing, Muhammad Khatib rose wonderfully and scored with a shot after 23 seconds of play.

Minute 8: Gate! MS Kfar Qassem took the lead 0: 2: What a dizzying opening of the hostess. Maharan Rady advanced and from about 20 yards kicked with the tip of the shoe into the net. Bnei Yehuda fans are fed up and they are calling for Yossi Aboksis to resign.

Minute 42: MS Kfar Qassem took a 0: 3 advantage: Bnei Yehuda is falling apart! Maharan Rady advanced towards the goal and from about 20 meters released a huge bomb on his left foot and scored a huge goal.

Minute 45: Goal! Bnei Yehuda shrank to 3: 1: Almog Bouzaglo approached the white spot and was just a moment before the opponent for the break.

Minute 59: Goal! Bnei Yehuda shrank to 3: 2: Eliran Atar released a perfect free kick and brought the Goldens back to life.

Hapoel Kfar Saba – Maccabi Bnei Reina 1: 0

The leader of the national league, Hapoel Kfar Saba, arrived in the game in high spirits after the big 1: 4 victory over Rishon Lezion. Uri Gutman’s team started the season great and beyond the points in the table they also present positive football. On the other hand, the newcomer will try to continue to surprise and record a second victory in the league.

Minute 3: Gate! Benny Reina took a 0: 1 lead: The wonderful Julio Cesar took control of a ball inside the extension and kicked unhindered into the net.

AS Ashdod – Hapoel Rishon LeZion 1: 1

The league’s most surprising team so far, which has yet to lose in the league this season, hopes to continue the great momentum against the orange bunch of wine. On the other hand, Haim Shabu’s team is suffering from instability when a week after their big victory over Bnei Yehuda 2: 4 in Bloomfield, they suffered a resounding quartet from Hapoel Kfar Saba.

48 min: Gate! Hapoel Rishon LeZion took a 0: 1 advantage: Nati Eskias delivered a perfect depth ball to Dan Kadouri who in one on one kicked an excellent corner and scored a wonderful goal.

Minute 62: Goal! Ashdod equalized to 1: 1: Lishai Bitton spun a corner kick to the middle that passed all the players and entered the net.

Hapoel Umm al-Fahm – Hapoel Acre 0: 2

Motti Ivanir’s side, who had a very difficult season last year, started the league excellently with two wins and three draws. The team ranked 4th in the league hopes to record another home win against Masai Dego’s side. Acre, which has recorded a lone victory so far in the league, hopes to score important points and get away from the bottom.

Minute 8: Hapoel Umm al-Fahm has ten players left. Emanuel Samadia raised a high leg when he tried to extract a ball but hit the knee of an Acre player and absorbed a direct red.

Minute 24: Share! Hapoel Acre took a 0: 1 lead: A good wide ball reached Abubkar, Zahai Ahmad intervened and dropped a huge bomb into the net.

Minute 45: Goal! Hapoel Acre took a 0: 2 advantage: The great Zahai Ahmad slipped on a good ball in the box, dropped a bomb on his left foot and completed a wonderful double.

DKH 56: Gate! Hapoel Umm al-Fahm shrank to 2: 1: Guy Dahan dropped a huge bomb on his left foot from about 25 meters diagonally from the goal and scored a goal that was simply spectacular in its beauty.

Hapoel Afula – Betar Tel Aviv / Bat Yam 0: 0

Eliezer Ben Aharon’s team came to the meeting from the last place with only 2 points from five rounds. Despite winning the National Toto Cup, the young team fails to translate the ability in the league and finished 0-0 against Adumim Ashdod in the previous round. On the other hand, the home team came from 9th place in the league after absorbing a dramatic equalizer deep in overtime in 1: 1 against Hapoel Raj.

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