Uveitis causes and prevention methods

Uveitis causes and prevention methods
Uveitis causes and prevention methods

The German Association of Ophthalmologists said that uveitis is an inflammation of the iris of the eye, the colored ring around the pupil of the eye.

The association explained that the causes of uveitis are not precisely known, but doctors believe that it is due to genetic predisposition, or eye injuries such as wounds and burns, rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and viral infections in the face such as herpes zoster infection.

Symptoms of iritis are eye redness, eye pain, sensitivity to light, and vision disturbances, such as a veil or lumps in front of the eye.

The association stressed the need to treat iritis as soon as possible to avoid serious complications that may result from it, which is glaucoma (blue water) and cataracts also known as cataract (white water).

Uveitis is treated with corticosteroids, mydriasis, and treatment of the underlying disease (such as rheumatic drugs).

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