Al Bayan tests “fifth generation” and “internet communication” from the grounds of the Dubai Expo exhibition

Al Bayan tests “fifth generation” and “internet communication” from the grounds of the Dubai Expo exhibition
Al Bayan tests “fifth generation” and “internet communication” from the grounds of the Dubai Expo exhibition

Today, Friday, the statement tested the 5G and VoIP services on the Expo 2020 grounds, and the internet communication service is working excellently on the exhibition grounds.

The service allows visitors to the exhibition to communicate by voice and video through communication applications such as “WhatsApp”, “Skype”, “Viber”, “Snapchat” and “Facebook Messenger” with their families in their home countries where the service is available or with their friends within the exhibition grounds.

The statement made a number of calls via VoIP services on the Expo grounds through several applications, where the quality of the communications was ideal, especially with the possibility of running VoIP applications through the fourth or fifth generation data services or through the Wi-Fi networks available on the exhibition grounds, which provide the speed of the fourth generation. And the fifth as well.

WhatsApp is the most popular communication application, with more than 2 billion users, 80 million of whom are in India alone. WhatsApp is banned in several countries, including China, while the service has been suspended in the UAE since 2013.
Charles Kavna, an American citizen who works as a driver and came from the United States with his wife to attend the Expo, said that he was surprised by the possibility of communicating via the WhatsApp audio and video application with his relatives in America, which he said works excellent, stressing that he tried the service after he contacted the WiFi network available on the exhibition grounds.

Expo security officer Kimbuku Kote from Nigeria expressed his happiness at being able to communicate with his family in Nigeria, as well as with his friends on the Expo grounds outside working hours.

He added, “I am very happy to communicate with my wife and mother in Lagos, Nigeria, and I hope that the service will continue on the Expo grounds, especially since many of my friends are using this application.”

The statement also tested the fifth generation data and communication service that covers all the Expo 2020 grounds. The data transmission speed of the fifth generation 5G reaches 4.5 gigabytes / second, compared to the fourth generation networks, in which the data transfer speed reaches about 600 megabytes per second. The second.

The service provider, “Etisalat” – the first strategic partner for Expo 2020 – has allocated nearly 200 5G stations for the Expo site, including indoor and outdoor stations with several compatible frequencies and bands, to be the first, smartest, largest and fastest exhibition in the world in terms of communication technology coverage.

The Communications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government expect that the volume of subscriptions to fifth-generation services will increase during the Expo 2020 Dubai, especially with the increasing spread of fifth-generation-compatible phones, and the demand for more individuals to use them, while the number of subscribers to fifth-generation services reached during the second quarter of this year. year 2021 to more than 720,000 subscribers, according to the authority’s data.

The UAE, which is currently ranked tenth in the world in terms of digital competitiveness, is considered one of the world’s leading countries in introducing 5G networks thanks to its advanced infrastructure, and flexible policies and regulations that support modern technology. The number of 5G stations provided by telecom providers “Etisalat” and “du” in populated areas in the country to 5350 by the end of the third quarter of 2021.

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