Learn about the icon of the opening of the “Expo” .. the child Mira Singh

Learn about the icon of the opening of the “Expo” .. the child Mira Singh
Learn about the icon of the opening of the “Expo” .. the child Mira Singh

Dubai: «The Gulf»
After she appeared in an outstanding performance, breathtaking at the opening ceremony of Expo 2020 Dubai, and grabbed the attention of the audience and viewers around the world, where the child Mira Singh perfectly embodied the little girl’s feeling of the burden of her mission, after enjoying the strength that gave her the golden ring.
The talented girl named Mira Singh of India, at the age of 11, was born in the Emirates and raised on its land, and gained great fame since her early years, and presented many advertisements for Emirati companies.
The audience praised Mira’s performance during the ceremony, especially when a beautiful aura of light appeared around her with augmented reality, as she moved around the place, and embodied the dazzling scene during which she appeared, as she made her way down through the sand dunes to disappear from view, how can light connect the hearts of humanity And their minds, which was manifested through the colorful waves inspired by the northern lights, heading in spiral formations towards the top of the dome, with the brightness of the lights and colors increasing as the height increased, in conjunction with the transformation of the light into amazing geometric patterns, embodying a fabric that represents humanity that is spread all over the world.
Singh has several talents, most notably: contemporary ballet dancing, playing the piano, and enjoying my talents for singing and acting, and began working in the fashion shows at the age of 6 years.


Learn icon opening Expo child Mira Singh

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