Adnan Mansour: Israeli drilling is an attack on Lebanon’s wealth and could lead to a military conflict

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In the midst of the multiple crises that Lebanon suffers from, the constant Israeli threats against it remain, which Lebanese President Michel Aoun described as “the concern of the Lebanese state.”

The latest manifestations of these threats are related to the Israeli pursuit of oil and gas exploration in the disputed area on the maritime borders, before the agreement with Lebanon, after the American company “Halliburton” recently announced that it had won the tender for gas and oil exploration in the “Karesh” field, part of which is located in the area The new Lebanese border line.

Former Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour said in an interview with the “Window on Lebanon” program in this regard:

“The Israeli behavior is an attack on the Lebanese national wealth, especially when there is a disputed area, and Lebanon has maps that are based on the law of the sea, and on international law, in terms of demarcating the exclusive economic zone, and therefore no Western or Israeli foreign party has the right to conduct the excavation process. and digging.”

Mansour pointed out that “Israel wants to speed things up, and this constitutes an attack on the Lebanese marine wealth, and can create security problems, because Lebanon cannot remain silent about it, because the demarcation has not taken place, and Lebanon is demanding its full rights. You want them to impose a fait accompli, but that could lead to a military conflict, and that’s a possibility.”

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Adnan Mansour Israeli drilling attack Lebanons wealth lead military conflict

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