Expo 2020 is a message of peace and love from the UAE to the world

Expo 2020 is a message of peace and love from the UAE to the world
Expo 2020 is a message of peace and love from the UAE to the world

His Excellency Saqr Ghobash, Speaker of the Federal National Council, stressed that Expo 2020 Dubai represents a message of peace, tolerance and love from the UAE to the whole world, entitled working together to face future challenges and develop solutions based on innovation and creativity to preserve the planet.

Ghobash pointed out that the UAE, under the guidance and vision of its wise leadership, embodies a unique development model, and has become a global beacon of achievements in various fields, which is evident in the exceptional and impressive opening of Expo 2020 Dubai.

His Excellency said, “On behalf of the members of the Federal National Council, I extend my sincere congratulations and blessings to the wise leadership of the Emirates and its loyal people on the honorable and grand opening of the Expo, which is one of the largest exhibitions in the world, as it provides an opportunity for the global community to find innovative solutions, achieve sustainability, mobility and economic growth. It depicts a future period in the history of human civilization.

He added, “The UAE, with its long history, has proven to the world through its great development what can be achieved, and seeks at Expo 2020 Dubai to inspire future generations to unleash creativity and innovations that will shape the march of human progress during the next five decades.”

He stressed that the UAE welcomes the world during Expo 2020 Dubai through the participation of more than 190 countries representing the world’s continents in the heart of the event to participate in this global event and see the march of civilizational achievements that the UAE has set and celebrate with it the Golden Jubilee, which embodies the 50-year march of achievement and giving.

His Excellency explained that Expo 2020 Dubai coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the UAE, which represents an important milestone in the history of the UAE, and over the past fifty years, the UAE has been able to astonish the world with its rapid growth and great achievements, while Expo 2020 Dubai seeks to inspire people to embrace the spirit of innovation.

He concluded his speech by stressing the Federal National Council’s keenness to interact with this great event and invest it in strengthening bridges of communication with parliamentarians from around the world. He appreciated the efforts of the Dubai Expo 2020 team and the great turnout by the youth of the country to volunteer during the exhibition period.

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