The driver of the bus was laid to rest – his son: “They made him a murderer for no wrong in his palm” | JDN

The bus driver, the late Besson, who was involved in the fatal accident on Road 89 in the Galilee, was laid to rest today (Friday) in the Tel Regev cemetery. Besson, a 76-year-old resident of Kiryat Yam, was killed in the accident along with Moran Ben Eli and her three children.

The late Asher’s son, Ido, paid tribute to his father and said: “All his life Dad sacrificed himself for others, also on the road. For 50 years he was a professional and very careful driver. Sometimes in an even annoying way.”

The bus driver’s son referred to the criticism leveled at his late father even before official conclusions: “It is important for us that they know who our father was. They made him a murderer for no wrong in his palm. Dad fought in all the Israeli wars as a combat medic, was a Tutnik who loved to live life but he was also a devoted dad, a hardworking family man who did everything with devotion. We say goodbye to you in a way we did not imagine would happen. “Even when he was a firefighter after the army, during the Katyushas, ​​he was one of the first to run to hell to save people. It is important for us to really know who you were, you really were a real hero.”

He added: “The memory left of Dad is a bus, and then comes the smile, a smile full of warmth. When I look at our family here, I see you in everyone’s face. I hope we are strengthened together with family and friends. All the people of Israel guarantee each other – remember “Rest in peace, Dad.”

The funeral was attended by family members and dozens of acquaintances and neighbors. At this stage it is not yet clear what caused the late Besson to lose control of the bus, and police are also investigating mechanical aspects that may have contributed to the loss of control, while continuing to collect testimonies from bus passengers as well as passers-by who were nearby at the time of the accident.

This morning, News 12 reported that the late Besson was older – but other drivers close to him at the transportation company worked with him. It also turns out that the bus he was traveling in passed a licensing test only two weeks ago and was found to be completely normal.

Photo: Kiryat Yam Municipality Facebook page.

An analysis of technological measures shows that at a bend in the accident area he was driving at a speed of only 50 km / h – a reasonable speed that corresponds to the route at this point. In addition, Besson’s past traffic report shows that his driver’s license is valid until mid-November. On the bus in 1974 – so he has 47 years of driving experience.

However, in 2017 Besson took a proper driving course due to traffic offenses he accumulated – and since then he has had no further offenses. According to the report, the last offense was committed in August 2017. Dozens of traffic offenses he has accumulated over the years are technical.

Last night it was reported that the police received the post-mortem findings of the bus driver Asher Besson, seventy-six who was killed in the fatal accident that occurred near Hurfish, but it is not possible to determine whether any medical incident caused the accident.

According to the police report, the findings show that the driver had previously undergone complicated bypass surgery in his heart, but the intensity of the accident and the severity of the injury was so severe that it is impossible to determine with certainty whether a heart attack caused him to lose control of a vehicle carrying dozens of children.

From the police investigation it is clear that the bus driver lost control, and now it remains for them to determine what caused the loss of control from other findings, mainly by investigating the mechanical parts on the bus and eyewitness testimony of other drivers and children and teens who were on the bus at the time of the accident.

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