What healthy foods should those recovering from the Corona virus eat?

After recovering from Corona, give up following a harsh diet during this period without skipping the basic diets, and make sure to eat healthy foods, as the body needs abundant energy and vitamins to restore its health and to enhance immunity.

It has become known that during infection with the Corona virus, there are many symptoms and complications that the patient will feel, and after consulting the doctor, he may need some medications, but in return, she should pay attention during this period and after recovery to his diet.

From here, here is a list of the most important foods that are useful for those recovering from Corona:

Protein-rich foods:

You should add quantities of protein-rich food, because it is very useful for the regeneration of tissues and cells in the body after recovering from the Corona virus. And foods rich in protein are meat, fish, chicken, in addition to eggs, milk with its derivatives and some types of raw nuts.


To get the energy you need after being infected with the Coronavirus, don’t give up starchy diets. You can, of course, go to the brown ones to not gain color during this period. Increase the carbohydrates in the various main diets during the day to get the multiple elements that they offer you.

vegetables and fruits:

Of course, you should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits after recovering from Corona, because you need many vitamins that are important for the health of the body. So add it not only in the daily food rations, but also in the daytime, when you feel hungry, and when you eat snacks.


In addition to healthy foods that should be included in the diet menu of those recovering from Corona, you must hydrate the body, and in addition to water, prepare natural drinks that are also rich in vitamins and health. It is also possible to benefit from warm drinks without adding sugar to them, such as tea, flowers and ginger with lemon, for example.


healthy foods recovering Corona virus eat

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