It runs on carrots, not gasoline

It runs on carrots, not gasoline
It runs on carrots, not gasoline

There have been many unusual and familiar scenes at petrol stations in Britain during the past two weeks, but one man turned all standards and stole the spotlight with what he did.

A video clip shows the young man, “Gus Lee Dolphin”, skipping queues at a petrol station on the back of his horse, “Stirrup”, in the county of Surrey in the southeast of England, repeating some of the words that provoked those present..

He said: “Standing in queues to get petrol, and long waiting to get petrol, but I’m on a horse and I don’t need petrol, because it goes by islands.”

He continues, “He runs with carrots, and I don’t need gasoline because I’m on a horse.”

The young man photographed himself near his home before posting the video on “Instagram”, and it later turned out that it was his first time riding a horse..

The UK is suffering from a shortage of heavy truck drivers across the country (after European drivers left Britain after Brexit), which has caused a fuel delivery crisis, and this may also affect the supply of vegetables..

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