Mikati: Lebanon will take the required steps to restore what was cut off with the Arab brothers


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The Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, said that the government will take all necessary steps to restore what was cut off in Lebanon’s relations with the “Arab brothers”.

He added, “We know the Arab brothers’ keenness to preserve Lebanon’s unity and protect it from any dangers that may surround it,” noting that there are many journalistic analyzes that have reached the point of marketing alleged mediation and absolute negatives about Lebanon’s relations with Arab countries, according to the Lebanese website Al-Jadeed.

He continued: “The Arab brothers have always been quick to extricate Lebanon from its stumbles whenever adversity befalls it, based on their brotherly understanding of the privacy and diversity of its population fabric, especially after the experiences it went through in the recent past proved that the more this fabric remains immune from exposing it to damage, the more Lebanon remains. A message, and to the extent that he burdens him with what he cannot bear, he becomes a burden on the shoulders of his people, his brothers, his friends and his lovers.

He stressed that the government “is doing everything in its power, based on its concern for Lebanon’s supreme interest, which can only be achieved through its stability, the unity of its people, the preservation of its civil peace, and the strengthening of its historical relations with its Arab brothers and friends in the world.”

Mikati had said in previous statements that Lebanon is a small country in the Arab world and is looking forward to the Arab big brother and to all Arab countries to come and hold his hands and get him out of this mess.

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Mikati Lebanon required steps restore cut Arab brothers

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