The decision to charge business owners to scan the barcode of the new green mark was rejected

The decision to charge business owners to scan the barcode of the new green mark was rejected
The decision to charge business owners to scan the barcode of the new green mark was rejected

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett decided this afternoon (Friday) to postpone the decision regarding the obligation of business owners to scan the new green sign that customers will present from Sunday, and not be content with presenting it subject to an ID card.

Most of the ministers in the Corona Cabinet voted in favor of the proposal, but following reservations from some of the participants, it was decided that the Prime Minister would bring the issue up for discussion and another vote in the Corona Cabinet to be held this coming Sunday.

Business owners fear: “Our revenue will be hurt”

Green label guidelines are set to change this coming Sunday, and many are likely to lose their eligibility for the green label if they are not vaccinated – something that is out of place for many business owners, who claim continued damage to their livelihoods. “We are not in high-tech and excel, we are disappearing from them, we are such small, so what do they care to say that the economy is open?”, Complains Yaki Kabir, one of the owners of the restaurant group “Serpina”.

He said, “There is always a health line but there is no economic line at the same time. Laugh at the previous policy, but at least it brought money. People then watched and did not die. We are living dead. How can I tell my employee ‘you get vaccinated with a third vaccine’? “22-year-olds who think two vaccines are enough for them. I find myself in a philosophy with the workers, and even so we are in a manpower shortage.”

Under the new guidelines, as part of the health system’s policy to encourage immunization, those who will not be vaccinated in the third booster dose will lose their entitlement. Entry to places that follow the guidelines of the green label will only be allowed upon presentation of a valid green label – but the validity of a label produced before October 3 will be revoked and in order to receive it with an up-to-date validity, it will be necessary to produce a new label.

Eligibility for the new character will be given to those who have received three vaccines, those who are defined as recovering but have received at least one vaccine dose and those who have had it in the last six months. Those vaccinated with only two doses will lose their eligibility. In addition, a daily green mark will be given to those who are tested quickly. As of last Sunday, 1.662 million people in Israel are entitled to the booster dose and have not yet received it. However, in recent days there has been a great deal of immunization and it is possible that the rate of those entitled to the mark will increase.


decision charge business owners scan barcode green mark rejected

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