The largest book fair in the history of Saudi Arabia opens its doors to visitors

The largest book fair in the history of Saudi Arabia opens its doors to visitors
The largest book fair in the history of Saudi Arabia opens its doors to visitors


The Riyadh International Book Fair opened its doors to visitors from Friday until October 10, in its new location on the front of Riyadh, under the slogan “New Destination, New Chapter”, amid the participation of more than 1,000 publishing houses from 30 countries, distributed over an area of ​​more than 36,000 square meters. .

The Ministry of Culture celebrates the guest of honor of the Republic of Iraq, where the Saudi-Iraqi Relations exhibition displays pictures of King Abdulaziz and the Kings of Saudi Arabia during their visit to Iraq, in addition to the visit of Iraqi officials to the Kingdom, while the “Culture Avenue” enriches the visitors’ experience in a cultural atmosphere as soon as they wander around it, starting with a simulation. Al-Mutanabbi Street, located in the heart of Baghdad, dates back to the late Abbasid era, and has been famous since that time for the prosperity of its libraries and embraced the most prestigious cultural institutions, and until today it has been teeming with researchers looking for news of culture and society.

The seven pendants in the exhibition were also embodied in a creative way, by displaying them on huge columns with a height of six meters made of distinctive decor in the nature of ancient stone, in addition to overlapping screens in the middle of the columns, displaying the most important quotes of the pendants, poems and poets and the most important information about them.

The avenue will witness theatrical performances at different times during the event, in which civilizations and historical situations from different eras are embodied with a distinctive creative character.

It has also been equipped and operated stores that support creative talents in several fields such as fashion, beauty, decoration and others, in which many Saudi brands are available, each with its own identity that reflects the Saudi heritage and keeps pace with fashion in Saudi Arabia. It is mixed in the store in a way that aims to provide an exceptional experience, she said. The Saudi Press Agency “SPA”.

The exhibition, through the “Riyadh Waterwheel”, presents performances in the fields of musical arts targeting all groups, and provides an environment that motivates Saudis to develop and strengthen their cultural levels through interest in art and innovation, as well as musical platforms, which introduce visitors to wind instruments, strings and percussion instruments and present musical performances. Distinctive.

And based on the vision of the Ministry of Culture and its role in promoting the sectors of culture in its various arts and fields, and given the importance of Arabic calligraphy and close contact with the Arabic language, and in support of the initiative of the Year of Arabic Calligraphy, a special pavilion was provided for the products of the initiative inside the exhibition, and seven pavilions were allocated for reading clubs.

The King Abdulaziz Public Library on the “Cultural Avenue” displays 30 manuscripts, 10 coins, 5 documents and 5 rare books, while the Ma’akal Club is known for its rare Arabic publications.

It is worth noting that the Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority has clarified that registration on the website is not required to enter the exhibition, as it is sufficient to display the “Tawakulna” application at the entrance gates of the exhibition, to prove the health condition, and to fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Health related to the prevention of the Corona pandemic, in the interest of the authority to: The safety of all, visitors, organizers and participants, and to ensure that the cultural experience is enjoyed in a healthy and safe environment.

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