Here is the fastest way to download photos via iPhone

Asma Lamnawar wrote on Fri Oct 1, 2021 01:24 PM – There are a lot of ways to offload photos to iPhone, but these methods rely on installing third-party apps and take a lot of steps.

But thanks to the Siri Shortcuts app, you can quickly dump your photos in one step without third-party apps.

You can download a set of shortcuts that you can use directly from the Siri Shortcuts app from RoutineHUb.

This site includes a wide range of shortcuts that you can install and use directly without the need to write commands or prepare them yourself.

Offload photos via iPhone quickly and without external applications

First go to the following site and download the shortcut to delete background, and open the shortcut through the shortcut app for iPhone.

After that, open the Shortcuts app again and choose the new shortcut that we installed, and when you click on the shortcut, it asks you to agree to the photo access permissions.

Then the shortcut will show you your photo library, and you can choose any image you like, but the higher the quality of the image and the clearer the subject, the better and easier it is to remove the background.

When you choose the image from which you want to remove the background, the application asks you to access the Adobe website.

After you give the app access to the site it needs, it shows you the final result of the image without the background.

You can then save the new image without having to go to any external application or use any external website.

The new image after saving is available in the photo library along with your old images and the original image, and the new image is in PNG format.

You can use the new image as you wish, as you can combine it with any other image you own, or even use it in videos and other things.

Siri Shortcuts app

Siri Shortcuts allows you to do a lot of different things that make it easier for you to use your phone and save you time.

You can download the shortcuts externally via Routinehub or any other site that developers upload the shortcuts directly to.

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