Big controversy after a video.. A child reveals a harasser in Egypt

During the past hours, Egyptian circles were busy following up on the details of a case of harassment, which was exposed by a young child, which caused a sensation in the country.

Surveillance cameras on a street in Hannoville, Agami, Alexandria, in Egypt, spotted a young man molesting a young child, after the child’s father insisted on emptying the cameras.

The incident took place on the 15th of last September, and the father of the child, Engineer Ahmed Bayoumi, narrated it, explaining that he asked his child on that day to go to get breakfast, but the child came back terrified.

When the father investigated what happened to his child, the child said that a young man who followed him asked him for an address, and the child replied that he did not know the desired location, but he was surprised by the harasser walking behind him until he reached the house.

The young harasser follows the child

The child explained that the harasser started touching his body, and his shoulder until he was paralyzed, then asked him to go up with him to the upper floor, but the child managed to escape from him and escape and then pressed the bell, and the latter fled before the father opened the door.

unloading cameras

The father of the child victim indicated that he decided to unload the camera, which spotted the accused walking behind his child, and followed him inside the house, just as his child had listed.

He explained that after the video clip spread on the social networking site Facebook, one of the parents, who recognized the accused, contacted him, and assured him that he molested his son as well, but inside the supermarket.

the child is on the run

In addition, the security forces succeeded in arresting the harasser, who turned out to be a young driver in a private company.

The victim’s father issued a report against him, at the Dekheila Department, and when confronting the accused, he did not confess his actions, but he did not deny them, while the authorities began investigations so that the perpetrator would obtain the necessary account.

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