tayyar.org – What did President Mikati reveal?!

tayyar.org – What did President Mikati reveal?!
tayyar.org – What did President Mikati reveal?!

Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s home in Tripoli was filled with popular figures and delegations who wished him success in his mission and success for the government.

President Mikati received the Mufti of Tripoli and the North, Muhammad Imam and a delegation from the Supreme Islamic Sharia Council. He also received the Maronite Archdiocese of Tripoli, Bishop Youssef Soueif, who wished him “permanence of health so that he could carry out the task entrusted to him in this difficult and critical stage of Lebanon’s history, the most important of which is stopping the The collapse in all areas.

Soueif stressed in a statement, “the need for the current stage to witness serious work to restore confidence in the state through projects based on clear and serious programs, sound governance and transparent management.”

However, Soueif stressed “the importance of openness to Arab countries and other friends, because Lebanon today desperately needs everyone to stand by it,” and he also believed that the government must work to hold the parliamentary elections on time in order to preserve institutions and respect the constitution.

In a statement, the Prime Minister said: “It is very natural for me to be in my city and among my family who are by my side in my journey and to thank them for their continuous support to me. It is true that we are going through the most difficult stage in the history of Lebanon and the imminent challenges are great, and people hope from the government a rescue work. It will rescue it from the various tragedies it suffers from, which is something we are well aware of, and we have begun to do what must be done to put things on the path to a solution, but any solution remains incomplete if the government does not receive support from everyone in order to carry out the basic tasks entrusted to it politically, economically and socially and implement what it has committed to in Its ministerial statement and pledged to implement it. In this context, we count on full cooperation within the government, as well as with the Parliament to approve the necessary projects to move the economic wheel and the required reform process.”

He added: “We hear a lot of press analyzes that deal with Lebanon’s relations with Arab countries, which have reached the point of some people marketing alleged mediation and absolute negatives in return. With all due respect to what is said and written, the government will take all the necessary steps by itself to reconnect those who were cut off in Lebanon’s relations with the Arab brothers, On the other hand, we know the keenness of the Arab brothers to preserve Lebanon’s unity and protect it from any dangers that may surround it.This country has always been a message to embody love and coexistence between religions, and the Arab brothers have always been quick to rescue it from its stumbles, whenever adversities befall it, out of their brotherly understanding of the privacy and diversity of its fabric. Population, especially after the experiences it went through in the recent past proved that, to the extent that this tissue remains immune from exposing it to damage, the more Lebanon remains a message, and to the extent that it is burdened with what it cannot bear, it becomes a burden on the shoulders of its people, brothers, friends and lovers.

Mikati continued: “The Lebanese government is doing everything in its power, based on its concern for Lebanon’s supreme interest, which can only be achieved through its stability, the unity of its people, the preservation of its civil peace, and the strengthening of its historical relations with its Arab brothers and friends in the world.”

And he concluded by saying: “To my family in Tripoli, I say: Wherever we go and solve, Tripoli and its people will remain the beginning and the end, and we will strive with all our might to obtain, as all regions, their right to development and the care of the state. and ward off dangers from it.”

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tayyarorg President Mikati reveal

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