Poverty drives the Lebanese to| battalions

Poverty drives the Lebanese to| battalions
Poverty drives the Lebanese to| battalions

Poverty in Lebanon has prompted some to sell their colleges due to the worsening economic collapse, according to an article published in the British newspaper, The Times.

“The Times” newspaper published an article written by Anshal Fohra entitled “Lebanese forced to sell their colleges under the weight of the worsening economic crisis.” Economic situation.

The writer points out that there are more than one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and the economic collapse in the country has pushed a large number of people into extreme poverty, which has led to an increase in the illegal trade in human organs, and the writer adds that if they were not exposed to fraud and deception by Traffickers, it is expected that the donor will receive an amount ranging from 6 thousand to 10 thousand dollars for the sale of one kidney.

The writer met a woman named Naima Muhammad al-Ali, who said that her husband abandoned the family and that the camp they lived in was too unsafe to leave her daughters alone, which pressured her two teenage sons to earn money for the family, as she was afraid they would join a drug gang and be arrested or killed.

Naima told the “Times” newspaper that she heard, in a doctor’s office, other women talking about selling their kidneys to support their families, and she is now also looking for a buyer, and added to the newspaper that “I have no other choice.” Before the crisis, neighbors’ aid and charities were enough to support it, but this is no longer the case.

Source: BBC


Poverty drives Lebanese battalions

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