Warranty warns “Hotel Dieu” and hospitals demand fuel subsidy

Warranty warns “Hotel Dieu” and hospitals demand fuel subsidy
Warranty warns “Hotel Dieu” and hospitals demand fuel subsidy

Returning to the basis of the problem, i.e. the deterioration of the national currency exchange rate against the dollar, and consequently the necessity of adjusting the medical and hospital tariffs set by the insurance, Karaki confirmed that the insurance administration had completed almost two months ago full studies on this increase and its sources of financing, and submitted it to the Board of Directors, which did not decide it until today.

After the content was left alone to face his fate, some people went to the point of selling their house and land in order to receive decent health care and pay hospital and medical differences. Karaki called on the Lebanese state and the new government to take serious steps to secure the necessary funding, to increase hospital and medical fees. He appealed to the wage earners, workers and the General Labor Union to assume their responsibilities and take the necessary actions to achieve this requirement.

On the other hand, the Hospital Syndicate demanded the provision of subsidized diesel for all hospitals, revealing that after the lifting of subsidies on diesel fuel, and the increase in the price of a thousand liters to 620 dollars, the cost of energy for each patient in the hospital increased by at least 650,000 pounds per day, which is seven times the tariff. room official.

Also, private hospitals as a group need one hundred and thirty million liters of mazut annually, which makes the cost of operating the generators 1,500,000,000,000,000 pounds (one thousand five hundred billion pounds). This amount exceeds the total amount collected annually by hospitals from all official guarantors, including Social Security, the Ministry of Health, military medicine, security forces and the State Employees Cooperative.

And the union announced in a statement, that hospitals cannot bear this burden, and it will be reflected in the cost of medicine in a dramatic way, and the patient in the end is the first victim. Demand to support the diesel fuel allocated to hospitals. The hospital sector suffices for the problems it has experienced during the last two years.

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