Conflict in the government: The vote on the green mark was rejected

Conflict in the government: The vote on the green mark was rejected
Conflict in the government: The vote on the green mark was rejected

This coming Sunday, October 3, the updated green label will take effect – which will allow entry to restaurants, cultural events, gyms, attractions and banquet halls for anyone who is vaccinated in the third dose or meets the conditions of the Ministry of Health. The new character should be checked by scanning an up-to-date barcode that those eligible will download. But in a telephone poll held today (Friday) by government ministers, some ministers opposed the manner of the test because the cost of the equipment that would test the mark would be on the backs of businesses. Therefore, the proposal did not pass – and it will be discussed on Sunday morning at the cabinet meeting.

We emphasize that the majority of the members of the Corona Cabinet Committee voted in a telephone poll in favor of approving the obligation to scan a barcode upon presentation of a green sign at the entrance to businesses. But as mentioned, due to opposition from several members of the cabinet – including Minister Elkin, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett ordered a further discussion on the issue on the first day. Meaning: The additional discussion will take place while the updated green drink is in effect, meaning there will be no way to check who has the character.

The heated debate that erupted over the controversy over the green label enforcement policy is further proof that although there are less than two days left until the update goes into effect – there are still some open ends that are important to close. Bennett’s entourage tried to activate a special clause, according to which the prime minister is authorized to overcome the opposition and hold a referendum anyway, due to the special circumstances and urgency of the matter. On the other hand, the Attorney General clarified that this is not a special circumstance and the Prime Minister’s Office understood that they would have to wait until the Cabinet decision on Sunday.

Earlier today we announced that on Sunday one million and 900,000 Israelis will lose their green card certificate – this is because most of them did not get vaccinated with the booster dose. With the update of regulations, the police will focus on enforcing the green label mainly in red cities, businesses and banquet halls. Prior to the update of the green mark, there has been a jump in the number of vaccinators in the third dose in recent days, and yesterday more than 76,000 Israelis received the booster dose.


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