MP Geagea: The new government must speed up the achievement

MP Geagea: The new government must speed up the achievement
MP Geagea: The new government must speed up the achievement

MP Strida Geagea stressed that “the new government must expedite the achievement because the situation is exceptional and the crisis is very big and the Lebanese citizen cannot wait. Work quickly to approve some reforms related to the issue of electricity, solve the fuel and medicine crisis and re-launch negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, which would give some confidence to the Lebanese in their country and thus reduce the very high rate of immigration in recent times.

She pointed out that “we have heard some voices recently that want to deprive the Lebanese in the diaspora from exercising the right guaranteed to them by the constitution, which is to cast their votes in the upcoming parliamentary elections, which is a national right and never an arithmetic issue,” stressing that “as a political party, we reject all these attempts. Overall, we reiterate our adherence to the parliamentary elections as an entry point for real change, so we will be on the lookout for anyone who tries to divert them from their course or abort their results before conducting them.”

MP Geagea pointed out that “justice is the basis of the king, and therefore the only guarantee for the establishment of any state is the judiciary, but unfortunately in Lebanon we are witnessing those who are trying by various means to obstruct this judiciary, especially in the matter of the investigation into the ominous explosion of the port of Beirut, and not the last attempt is to try to stop the hand of the judicial investigator, Tariq. Bitar on the case. What kind of judiciary is this that may arise in Lebanon when we witness a first judicial investigator being threatened and pushed to step down, so that a second judicial investigator will take his place, so all possible media campaigns are launched against him and he is subjected to all possible pressures and threats to step down, but he has held back and an attempt is made to stop his hand from the case. How do we want the Lebanese citizen to trust his country? And what is this judiciary that we must convince people of and that it judges with justice if someone obstructs investigations into a horrific crime such as the crime of the Beirut Port explosion, which destroyed half of the capital, claiming more than 200 victims, 6000 wounded and 10,000 affected?”

And she continued, “Based on all of the above, I call on all politicians and officials in the country, to act with all responsibility, conscience and patriotism, because if the land court is not tried, then the court of God and history will be on the lookout, and each individual will be punished according to his deeds.”

On the other hand, Representative Geagea explained that “work must be expedited to secure markets for the disposal of apple, grape and oil crops on which thousands of families live in various Lebanese regions, given that the simplest rights of a farmer on his state is to secure a market for him to dispose of his production, and we are in this context. We do not demand a “farmer card” or the provision of medical and hospital services to him or the establishment of a “farm compensation fund” and these are all very important projects for the state to undertake, but most of what we demand is the simplest rights of the Lebanese farmer over his state, which is to secure markets.”

And she announced that she and her colleague, Representative Joseph Ishaq, communicated in this regard with the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Abbas Hajj Hassan, during a session to discuss the ministerial statement in the House of Representatives, and he promised to prepare a road map in the ministry in order to open the markets of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the State of Qatar and the Republic of Iraq to Lebanese products. , appealing to the Minister not to delay in the completion and implementation of this road map in order to open markets for the disposal of farmers’ products, because we are on the cusp of winter and there are thousands of families, especially apple growers in the high mountains, who are waiting for the discharge of this season in order to prepare their homes and supplies to receive the season Winter is also paid for their children’s school fees. These families live on this resource only and are threatening their lives if the seasons are not spent.”

MP Geagea called on the people to support the security forces, led by the Lebanese army institution, leadership, officers and individuals in performing their duties on the ground to ensure stability for Lebanon.

Representative Geagea’s words came during the meeting of the administrative board of the “Jabal Al-Arz Foundation”, which was held in Maarab under the chairmanship of it and the presence of the members: Representative Joseph Ishak, Vice President of the Foundation, Dr. Laila Geagea, Secretary, Lawyer Mario Saab, Chosen Treasurer Fadi Chidiac, and the participation of General Assembly member Eng. Nadim Salameh, in addition to the financial expert, Mr. Fadi Eid, and Deputy Representative Geagea Romanos El Shaar.

The attendees discussed the latest developments in the projects and files that the Foundation is currently pursuing, the most important of which is the completion of the second and final phase of rehabilitating and equipping Antoine El Khoury, Queen of Tawk – Bcharre Governmental Hospital, and the file of the university student house in terms of the cost of its maintenance, which is carried out periodically, although it has been closed since the year last year.

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