Two women accuse Alon Gal of sexual assault

Two women accuse Alon Gal of sexual assault
Two women accuse Alon Gal of sexual assault

Yedioth Ahronoth journalist Noam Barkan and another woman, known as Yaara in an article published today, claim that Alon Gal sexually assaulted them in their youth, when they came to him to treat eating disorders. Both women underwent a polygraph test and were found to be reliable. Gal denies things

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| Posted 01/10/21 12:13

Alon Gal | Photo: PR

“I tell him explicitly, ‘But I do not want to.’ It was also so clear that I was not there, that I was not with him within this thing. And who thought it was going in that direction at all?” – This is part of the testimony of journalist Noam Barkan, which is published today in Yedioth Ahronoth, in which she recounts a sexual assault that allegedly took place 26 years ago. The attacker, according to Barkan, is personal trainer, writer and media man Alon Gal, who invited her to his home after she told him she had an eating disorder and became a kind of “adult brother” in her life while in high school – and is a married man in his late 20s.

Barkan’s article publishes another testimony, of a woman known as Yaara, who came to Gal to treat eating disorders when she was young after the army. She said he met her at his home and not at the clinic, asked her sexual questions and put his hand inside her panties. Honeysuckle’s lawyer said that “despite the damage and trauma, she decided to expose the injury to her to prevent further injuries.”

Barkan wrote about the day of the attack: “I am completely paralyzed, and I have no idea how I get out of it now. He is stronger than me … my hands are paralyzed and not just scared. He holds them tight to the couch with the strength of his arms and weight.” She said when she heard about Honeysuckle, the other woman who testified to an assault by Gal, she decided to reveal her story. “I could no longer tell myself it was a one-time stumble. That what he did – he did only to me,” she wrote.

In response to an article in Yedioth Ahronoth, Gal denied both cases. On the meeting with Barkan, he said that “there was no sexual contact and we were dressed on the couch throughout the meeting.” On the encounter with Honeysuckle he said he does not remember him at all, “and though 22 years have passed, I would also remember if there was such a thing.”

Gal presents reality shows with an emphasis on improving the economic situation and family life on Network 13 since 2006, when his first show, “Step Family” came up. In the coming days, his new program, called “You Have a Business,” is scheduled to air, in which Gal meets with business owners who have run into difficulties. In addition, he hosts a weekly counseling program on 103FM radio.

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women accuse Alon Gal sexual assault

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