From “kidnapping” to “removing the veil”… The most prominent statements of Hala Shiha Al-Ma”s father

From “kidnapping” to “removing the veil”… The most prominent statements of Hala Shiha Al-Ma”s father
From “kidnapping” to “removing the veil”… The most prominent statements of Hala Shiha Al-Ma”s father

Books- Mustafa Hamza:

The confirmation of the plastic artist Ahmed Shiha to remove his daughter, the artist, Hala Shiha, the hijab, sparked controversy again about her, in addition to being not the first exciting statements of the great artist since the daughter’s marriage to preacher Moez Masoud last February, until the beginning of her crises.

In the following report, we monitor the most prominent statements of the plastic artist Ahmed Shiha, some of which amounted to confirming that his daughter had been kidnapped.

take off the veil

The plastic artist Ahmed Shiha, during his recent interview with the journalist Youssef Al-Husseini on the “Horoof Al-Jar” program, which is broadcast on Nojoom FM radio and channel, said: “When my daughter wore the hijab, I spoke to her and told her to come one day and come back, and when your faith is full, you know that this has nothing to do with By God, when she came back and lifted the veil, she lifted it without anyone affecting her, and after reading a ton of books on this subject… She is now not veiled.

kidnapping a solution

And last May, 3 months after the marriage of Hala and Moez, “Hala”, through her account on the “Instagram” website, announced her refusal to show her scenes in the clip of the song “Bahebak”, which was presented in the movie “Mesh Ana”, in which she co-starred with the artist. Tamer Hosny.

For his part, the father, the plastic artist Ahmed Shiha, expressed his shock at what his daughter, the artist Hala Shiha, wrote, and during a telephone interview with the media Amr Adib on the “Al-Hekaya” program, he said: “We were very upset with her, and her mother spoke to her, and blamed her, and she was reluctant to respond, because That is why I do not understand what, but it is clear that there is great pressure on her, her husband may have a hand in this, and I, as a father and artist, reject the post that I published, and I am more than one against these groups, I do not accept anyone, whoever it is, to kidnap my artist daughter She returned to art of her own free will, and she also took off the veil of her own free will, and not pressure from one of the parties. “.

“Ambush” is a solution

During a telephone interview with him on the “A Last Word” program presented by the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi on the “ON” channel, the plastic artist, Ahmed Shiha, criticized what his daughter wrote about her rejection of the scenes that were shown in the clip of the song “I Love You,” and said: “What is the idea of ​​the post that came down? Three weeks after the release of the movie (Except Me)? What is the result of it? A free post is done like this because people attack you? This is an ambush for a girl.”

Reliable moments

The plastic artist Ahmed Shiha sent a message to his daughter, artist Hala Shiha, and said in tears: “My daughter, as I told you, when your faith is complete, you will know that all these words have nothing to do with our Lord, God is beauty, creativity and innovation, oh Hala, I apologize to all of Egypt for what you wrote.”

Moez Masoud is the reason

In a telephone interview with the “Akher Al-Nahar” program, the artist Ahmed Shiha responded to a question: “Do you see what you write is motivated and influenced by her husband, Moez Masoud?” He said: “There is no doubt about that, and I say this on my full responsibility as a father.”

dearest people

And before the beginning of his daughter’s crises, specifically last February after the marriage of the artist Hala Shiha and the preacher Moez Masoud, the plastic artist Ahmed Shiha spoke, in a telephone interview to the “A Last Word” program, and said, “I told Moez, a solution is the most precious to me, and a great and important need that needs an end.” He is real and loves her, preserves her and stands beside her, and he is a very respectable person, and her will stands beside him, and she preserves her art and works the roles that people like, and he told me that she will do every artwork that has artistic value.

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