“You lost the most precious thing you owned”… The story of a boy who killed his neighbor’s joy when she became pregnant in October

“You lost the most precious thing you owned”… The story of a boy who killed his neighbor’s joy when she became pregnant in October
“You lost the most precious thing you owned”… The story of a boy who killed his neighbor’s joy when she became pregnant in October

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

On the top floor of a real estate in the Paradise neighborhood of the 6th of October city, the owner of the apartment was happy, days or hours separated from receiving her newborn. She did not know that an unpleasant new thing would happen to the bright white scenario, turning it into a blood-red color.

On the ground floor, inside an apartment that barely pays its monthly rent, a boy who is a year away from reaching the legal age sat looking at his pre-social financial conditions, searching through his books in the hope of finding salvation, asking himself how to overcome these conditions.

The usual silence in the city, 38 kilometers from the center of Cairo, a silence that gave the 17-year-old a diabolical idea as he looked from the balcony of his apartment on the ground floor.

His eyes fell on an open window of his neighbor, who was nine months pregnant. She remembers that she is alone with her husband traveling to plot a quick plan that will give him the opportunity to sneak in and steal whatever he can carry.

Things went as planned until the lady heard the voice of a “scarf” that caught her attention, and she began a journey to find its source. A trip that almost cost her her life, but she lost her “most dearest thing”.

While the boy searches the drawers for money, he finds the owner of the house in front of him. His feet were fixed in place as if he had been temporarily paralyzed, but he quickly regained consciousness, before the lady shrieked for help from the neighbours.

He committed an unfortunate crime, then returned to the starting point, hiding in his apartment, without stealing anything, waiting for what things would unfold later.

A few minutes were enough to raise the sounds of screaming. Residents of the property No. 32 and adjacent units gathered. Everyone rushed to the source of the screams to find their neighbor lying on the ground, blood dripping from her stomach, “Ambulance, quickly, people.”

The woman was transferred to Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital. She was entered the operating room without waiting. The time factor will be the decisive factor in her survival, especially with the loss of a large amount of blood.

Outside the door of care, her companions raised the palms of prayer, asking God to write salvation for their cheerful neighbor. Not long after, a nurse came out with three news, two of which shocked the recipients: “The fetus died and we will have to remove the spleen,” while the only good news came, “You will live, God willing.”

Outside the hospital walls, specifically the October 3 ward, the department’s warden received a signal from the hospital’s specific services that a housewife had stab wounds to the body, as a result of which she lost her fetus days before he came to this world.

“This issue will not come out of the architecture itself,” this is how Colonel Muhammad Rabei, inspector of the investigations division of the October Gardens Division, analyzed the investigation officers as soon as he was notified of the initial information.

A tight plan drawn up by Lieutenant-Colonel Hani Imad, head of the October Third Investigation, to decipher the incident, directing his assistants, “The right of the six and the fetus who died must come today… No one will go home until we catch the culprit.”

The enthusiastic words gave the officers a strong impetus to accomplish their mission. Each of them was interested in completing the item entrusted to him from hearing the words of neighbors, examining the residents of the property in question, and reviewing the surveillance cameras in coordination with the city’s administrative security.

Only 3 hours were needed by Major Farid Moaz, First Associate of the October 3rd Division, to identify the perpetrator and answer the most important question, “What happened to the overpowered woman?”

Investigations proved the involvement of her neighbor, a 17-year-old worker, who infiltrated her home, trying to rob her, using her residence alone, but his bad luck prevented his plan from succeeding. The woman discovered his order, so he stabbed her with 6 stab wounds, 3 of which had a window in the abdomen, and escaped without stealing anything.

After codifying the procedures and obtaining permission from the Public Prosecution, Capt. Muhammad Ghorab, the assistant detective, was able to arrest the accused hiding inside his apartment, and led him away from the crime instrument, and took him to the department while the victim was lying in the intensive care room.

In front of Major General Assem Abu al-Khair, Deputy Director of the Giza Investigation, the accused admitted his act, “May God suffice the evil of fear, Pasha.”

The necessary report on the incident was drawn up, and Major General Ragab Abdel Aal, Director of Giza Security, referred it to the Public Prosecution, which ordered his detention pending investigations.

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