Al Marmoom Women’s Cycling Challenge kicks off October 8

Al Marmoom Women’s Cycling Challenge kicks off October 8
Al Marmoom Women’s Cycling Challenge kicks off October 8

The “Al Marmoum Women’s Cycling Challenge” race returns to the Al Marmoum Desert Reserve, on the eighth of next October, after the great success and wide participation in the first edition, organized by Fit Group Me in cooperation with the Dubai Sports Council and under the auspices of DP World, Its competitions are held on the cycling track.

The challenge is held in two categories, the Open category and the Nationals category. Participation in the race is available for women aged 18 and over individually or as part of a team in both categories, and two race distances can be chosen, the first for a distance of 40 km and the second for a distance of 70 km, and prizes will be given to the winners of the first three places in each category, and all female competitors who finish the race will receive the participation medal.

The Dubai Sports Council confirmed that organizing the “Al Marmoom Women’s Cycling Challenge” contributes to achieving a diversity of sporting events on its annual agenda to meet the needs of all segments of society of different nationalities, as women’s sports occupies a distinguished position from the council’s sponsorship and its keenness to organize new and diverse events throughout the year. This event constitutes an important addition to the level of diversity in sports and at the level of allocating activities for women, and to the many events that are organized in the wonderful Al Marmoum Natural Reserve area, which witnessed the organization of many diverse sporting events that are commensurate with the nature of the wonderful area and suitable for all sports, especially bicycles, which include An integrated track dedicated to practicing this sport safely.

The race also contributes to achieving the strategic goals of the Dubai Sports Council to empower women, and within the plan of the Council’s Women and Sports Committee to promote women’s practice of sports and physical activity and to compete in new sports events in an atmosphere commensurate with the customs and traditions of the country. Dubai World: As pioneers in the global logistics sector, the role of DP World is not limited to enabling smart trade, but also seeks to provide a better future for all. Competitiveness such as the “Al Marmoom Women’s Cycling Challenge”, which aims to promote women’s health, and at the institutional level we always support women’s sports and are committed to increasing their participation in various fields, thus supporting the aspirations of women in the UAE.

Ruth Dickinson, event director, said: “Women’s cycling in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular is witnessing a rapid and remarkable growth, thanks to the presence of many excellent sports facilities and easy access to cycling tracks throughout Dubai, which encouraged Women and girls are encouraged to practice this exciting sport by participating in competitions and community events in a safe environment.

She added: We seek to encourage women and girls of different physical abilities to participate in the challenge, compete, and enjoy a wonderful and new experience, and to support Al Jalila Foundation and their great efforts to help children and their families. This event also aims to spread the culture of physical activity for a healthier and more active life.

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