Ohana scolded Betar players: You turned the grass

Ohana scolded Betar players: You turned the grass
Ohana scolded Betar players: You turned the grass

Guy Ben Ziv 27/09/2021 06:49

Bad feelings in Betar Jerusalem after the loss last night (Sunday) 2: 0 to CBS Ashdod. The professional manager, Eli Ohana, Went into the locker room at the end of the game and slapped the players: ‘You disgusted the grass, you should be ashamed of how you looked, I think Jerfi should not go take a shower after a game like this. What is the indifference you have shown? No ball movement, you did not play football. ‘

The coach, too Coman Was nervous at the end of the game and scolded the players in the half: “You know how to talk about tactics before and after games and then come to play football and see nothing of all your talk.” Betar denies the possibility that Koeman will leave the team. “We’re only in the fourth round, Koman is not giving up,” they said at home and in the garden.

What worries Betar and the professional team the most is the attitude of the players in the game. Betar players looked lost in front of Ran Ben Shimon’s team. “This may be Betar’s worst game of the last decade,” said one team member. Another member of the team said: “Everyone was weak yesterday, Matosinio did to our players what he could not do to them even in training when he was at Betar. It was embarrassing and sad.”

At the end of the game, Marko Jankovic and Edwin Jassi approached the fans and apologized for the disgraceful performance yesterday against Ashdod, on Saturday against Kiryat Shmona they and the other players of the team, will have to correct the impression they left on the 11th pitch in Ashdod. By the way, a ticket for Betar’s game against Kiryat Shmona in Teddy will cost NIS 60.

This week, the amount of the fine that Jordan Shoa will receive following his suspension from the team’s training in the days before the game against Maccabi Netanya in the previous round will be determined, remembering that he arrived with sneakers for training and not with traffic jams even though he did not play before.


Ohana scolded Betar players turned grass

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