One day before imprisonment: Moshe Ivgi talks to our correspondent

One day before imprisonment: Moshe Ivgi talks to our correspondent
One day before imprisonment: Moshe Ivgi talks to our correspondent

“I was blind”: Moshe Ivgi has been one of the busiest actors in the Israeli film and television industry for the past 40 years. Tomorrow, at the age of 67, Ivgi will put on an orange prisoner uniform, receive a number and become a prisoner in Hermon Prison – For 3 offenses of indecent acts and another offense of sexual harassment. In an interview we published today (Tuesday) in the main edition, Ivy heard a blow on sin: “I apologize to everyone I hurt in word or touch. Sorry I did not see it in time as they experienced it.”

The affair centered on Ivgi exploded about six years ago in an investigation published by the Walla website. In the investigation, women who worked with Ivgi testified that the so beloved star – sexually assaulted them. Throughout the lawsuit, Ivgi maintained a uniform legal line, on the advice of his lawyer Michael Carmel: “I have never harmed a man, a man or a woman in any way,” he claimed: “My conscience is quiet.”

Today Ivy sounds a little different. “I’m going to jail and it’s a very sad day for my family and me,” he explained. “However, I take responsibility and am willing to pay the price.” He added: “There is no doubt that I sinned in the sin of arrogance. I was blind and I was not sensitive to the pain of the other. Today I understand this, I am very sorry for it and apologize to everyone who hurt me.”

Moshe Ivgi leaves the court at the end of the verdict

This affair has gone through several legal incarnations. At first Ivgi was convicted of only an indecent act on one actress, acquitted of the other charges attributed to him and sentenced to only service work. Following the prosecution’s appeal, Ivgi was convicted of committing indecent acts and sexual harassment on three women. The prosecution has demanded more than 3 years in prison – in practice, the court sentenced to 11 months in prison.


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