The Saudi Space Authority sends the first batch of its program

The Saudi Space Authority sends the first batch of its program
The Saudi Space Authority sends the first batch of its program

Today (Tuesday), the Saudi Space Authority issued decisions to send the first batch of the “Space Scholarship” program, through which it seeks to qualify and develop national cadres specialized in the fields of space and its technologies for the bachelor’s and master’s levels.

The authority explained that the program focuses on the development of national human capital as one of the most important enablers of the space sector in Saudi Arabia, which it is working to achieve by providing qualitative knowledge for distinguished people in priority areas in the sector, and enhancing the Kingdom’s capabilities in the fields of research, development and innovation by sending students to distinguished universities, Building partnerships and scientific exchange with the most prestigious universities, research and development centers, and international research institutions specialized in space sciences.

She added that the program includes a scholarship that ends with employment for elite students in the top 30 international universities in the fields of aerospace engineering, space sciences, and space policies, and also provides multiple benefits for participants, including bearing study costs, financial guarantee, in addition to health care, and travel tickets to the mission headquarters according to The standards and controls followed in the Ministry of Education, in addition to providing guidance programs that focus on following up on scholarships and evaluating their academic development.


Saudi Space Authority sends batch program

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