The Emirates Auditors Association launches the “Audit Path Academy”

The Emirates Auditors Association launches the “Audit Path Academy”
The Emirates Auditors Association launches the “Audit Path Academy”

Dubai: «The Gulf»

The UAE Internal Auditors Association revealed its intention to launch a new global initiative called the “Audit Path Academy” early next year aimed at refining the skills of internal auditors in the UAE and enhancing their capabilities.

The association, headed by Abdul Qader Obaid Ali, Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors, explained that this launch comes in cooperation with the internal audit expert Richard Chambers, the former CEO of the International Institute of Internal Auditors, which is the global entity for internal auditors based in the United States, where this initiative is considered an educational program based on experience and future visions. To the internal audit expert Richard Chambers, who chose the UAE and Dubai in particular as a location to launch the Audit Path Academy in appreciation of the global position enjoyed by the Association of Internal Auditors in the Emirates and the UAE’s global reputation in this field and its ability to withstand and recover quickly from the pandemic, which has enhanced confidence in business and economic growth.

During the press conference and special ceremony organized by the Emirates Auditors Association today at the Caesar Palace Hotel on Bluewaters Island, Dubai, Richard Chambers signed the three books and his latest book in the field of internal auditing for the first time in the Middle East.

Chambers said that the UAE is at the forefront of the world in the field of governance and the rule of law and the application of international best practices in the field of internal auditing, praising the efforts of the UAE Internal Auditors Association to advance the profession.

For his part, Abdul Qader Obaid Ali said that the UAE celebrates a great celebration of the countdown to the launch of the World Expo 2020, which is a badge of pride thanks to the efforts of the wise leadership, despite the challenges the world is going through.. Noting that the association is laying a small brick for this great achievement by launching this initiative. The mission is to consolidate the assets of governance within private and public institutions. The choice of Richard Chambers for the UAE to launch this initiative and to sign his books exclusively from among the countries of the world for a period of 4 years is a cause of pride.

He pointed out that the association focused on national cadres in this profession, as its membership includes 25 percent of citizens and works through the Hassad Program, which has been implemented by the association for years at the state level to graduate qualified auditors, numbering 100 male and female citizens working in leading institutions at the state level, which contributed to the development of This profession.


Emirates Auditors Association launches Audit Path Academy

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