What is the importance of the human rights dialogue between Saudi Arabia and the European Union in light of the previous accusations?

What is the importance of the human rights dialogue between Saudi Arabia and the European Union in light of the previous accusations?
What is the importance of the human rights dialogue between Saudi Arabia and the European Union in light of the previous accusations?

The Saudi delegation was headed by the head of the Human Rights Commission, Dr. Awad bin Saleh Al-Awwad, while the European side was headed by the European Union’s Special Representative for Human Rights, Eamon Gilmore, and a number of EU officials, in the presence of ambassadors and representatives of 22 EU countries, according to the Saudi Press Agency “SPA”. .

Observers said that the session that brought together Saudi Arabia and the European Union comes in light of the growing political, diplomatic and economic relations between them, especially with the progress made by the Kingdom in the issue of human rights and the issue of women’s empowerment.

European welcome

Gilmore welcomed the human rights reforms in the Kingdom, and the establishment of this joint dialogue, noting its importance, as it represents a new platform for establishing an open dialogue on human rights issues, noting that the European Union considers the Kingdom a key partner in various fields.

In turn, Al-Awwad reviewed the most prominent reforms achieved in the Kingdom in the field of human rights, pointing to the short period during which they were achieved, noting that among the most important factors that contributed to the realization of these reforms; The existence of a political will that aspires for the Kingdom to be a pioneering model in various fields.

According to the Saudi Agency, the two sides reviewed the reforms achieved in the Kingdom and the European Union countries within a number of human rights issues, which included freedom of opinion, expression and association, women’s rights, the rule of law, religious freedom, the right to work, and ways of cooperation between the two sides within the framework of the United Nations.

A number of clarifications were raised by the two sides within these issues, as the Saudi side raised inquiries about the European Union’s methodology in achieving a balance between realizing the right to freedom of opinion and expression and protecting the interests included in the European Convention on Human Rights, and the European Union’s dealings with foreign workers during Corona pandemic, and other clarifications related to human rights.

improve relationships

Mohamed Barakat, an expert on European affairs residing in Brussels, said that the dialogue session brought together the European Union and Saudi Arabia, yesterday, Monday, on many topics, especially with regard to human rights, the progress made by the Kingdom in this field, and the field of granting women their rights, and many other issues. other aspects.

According to his speech toSputnikThe European External Action Service Center, which serves as the general secretariat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, issued a statement expressing the Union countries’ satisfaction with the progress made by the Kingdom in this field, and pointed out that Saudi Arabia had made great progress in granting women their rights, and appealed to them to continue in this Attitude, direction, and work to grant women their full rights, another session is scheduled to be held later.

Barakat believes that the European Union has always focused on the issue of human rights, and from this point of view indicated the necessity of respecting these European values ​​by the Kingdom, as it has always been requested from all other countries, and this is the first dialogue that takes place between the two sides in this field, and also touched on reforming the judicial systems in the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia, economic reforms and relations between the Federation and the Kingdom.

Barakat considered that the issued statement confirms the improvement of relations between the European Union and Saudi Arabia, especially in light of the criticism that the Kingdom was subjected to after the Khashoggi murder case, saying that relations appear to be constantly improving, in light of the important mutual economic interests between Europe and the Gulf states.

diplomatic partnership

Dr. Fawaz Kasib Al-Enezi, a Saudi political and strategic analyst, said that the start of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the European Union, represented in Parliament, sessions, a dialogue to discuss human rights and a diplomatic partnership, came as the Kingdom is one of the elements of the international community, and a large country in the Middle East region.

According to his speech toSputnik“Since the establishment of the Kingdom, it has relied on the principle of equality and fraternity from a religious and humanitarian perspective, and since its signing of the United Nations Charter 76 years ago, and it has adhered to all the provisions of the Charter, including equality and human rights.

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He stressed that the International Organization for Human Rights was accused by the Kingdom of being indifferent to human rights, and these accusations were not based on any reliable information or factual sources, and the accusations were not directed against the Kingdom only, but also for many countries, and they come in light of the motives of the leftist European and American extremist media , which carried out a systematic campaign against Saudi Arabia.

Al-Enezi believes that Saudi Arabia has proven, through its internal policies and all the developments that have taken place since the establishment of the Human Rights Commission, and the programs included in the care of children and families, the development of the Anti-Corruption Commission, and the arrangement of visits for all delegations of human rights organizations to visit prisons, that it cares about human rights.

He explained that the 2030 project adopted by the Kingdom is an extension of the International Project for Sustainable Development, to achieve 17 goals, including gender equality, and the Kingdom has proven to the world through its Vision 2030 that it is based on moderation, with no extremism or decadence.

According to Al-Anazi, the Kingdom has made great efforts in the women’s file, which is one of the files in which Europe has accused the Kingdom of not observing human rights, as the file of women and their empowerment has become one of the files in which Saudi Arabia has achieved great numbers.

He added that women have become partners with men in military, judicial, economic and political work, and all the internal developments that the Kingdom has undertaken are in the interest of human rights, and prove that the Kingdom is an effective element in preserving the human rights strategy.

On February 26, 2021, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said that there are people “unjustly detained” in Saudi Arabia, and urged it to respect freedom of expression and the right to peaceful assembly, while representatives of the European Union expressed concern about Saudi Arabia’s use of the fight against terrorism to prosecute activists, according to Deutsche Welle.

According to the Saudi Human Rights Commission, the Kingdom is ranked among the most advanced and reformed among 190 countries in the World Bank report in the areas of women, business activities and the law, as a result of legislative reforms related to the Saudi 2030 programs.

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