An awareness workshop to introduce the National Service to the Dubai Volunteer Law

An awareness workshop to introduce the National Service to the Dubai Volunteer Law
An awareness workshop to introduce the National Service to the Dubai Volunteer Law

The Community Development Authority in Dubai organized an awareness workshop for members of the National Service Program in cooperation with Expo 2020, which was held at the service camp in Jebel Ali area, in order to familiarize the participants with the Dubai Volunteer Law, the Dubai Volunteer Program of the Community Development Authority and the program’s website and smart application, in order to allow the For them to participate in the promising volunteer opportunities that will accompany the activities of Expo 2020, which will last for 6 months.

The workshop, which was held in two phases, was attended by about 500 national service employees, in which they discussed the importance of voluntary participation of individuals in community service, and the impact of volunteering on the individual in terms of developing his vital skills and experiences and introducing him to different sectors and the needs of the labor market.

Hariz Al Mur bin Hariz, Executive Director of the Development and Social Care Sector at the Community Development Authority, pointed out the importance of spreading the culture of volunteering among young people and attracting them to learn about the importance of volunteer work and the importance of their role as individuals and groups in community service and strengthening its national economy and social solidarity.

Ibn Huraiz said that volunteering is one of the most important sources of development in the most advanced societies. In the UAE, young people make up the largest part of the population, which qualifies them to be an influential force and supporter not to be underestimated in advancing the wheel of development and development with their voluntary participation. He stressed that a global event the size of an Expo being held in the Middle East for the first time, will open the way for volunteers to acquire broad skills in various fields.

He said: We are cooperating with government agencies, institutions and major private sector companies in the country to introduce the law regulating volunteer work and the Dubai Volunteer Program in the Emirate of Dubai, which gives volunteers and volunteer bodies a legal reference that preserves their rights and ensures the progress of volunteer work according to a sound methodology that is in the interest of all. We expect that raising the awareness of the National Service members of the Dubai Volunteer Law will contribute to attracting large numbers of them to participate in the volunteer opportunities accompanying the Expo and to adopt a culture of volunteering continuously in the future.

The Dubai Volunteer Program provides the possibility for companies to register to present their volunteer opportunities, request volunteers according to specifications that fit these opportunities, calculate volunteer hours and financial savings. Those wishing to learn about the program or register for it can download the Dubai Volunteer application from the Google Play platform or the Apple Store, or visit the program’s website

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