UAE residents are among the world’s most trusted air travelers

UAE residents are among the world’s most trusted air travelers
UAE residents are among the world’s most trusted air travelers

Inmarsat, the global company for mobile satellite communications services, revealed the results of the UAE within the study “Following the Confidence of Travelers”, the largest and most comprehensive global questionnaire for air travelers since the outbreak of the pandemic, indicating that travelers in the UAE are among the most trusted in the world to travel by air again, China was the only country in which travelers showed a greater tendency than their counterparts in the Emirates to travel on a short or long flight since the beginning of the pandemic, as 79% of them have already traveled since the outbreak of the pandemic, compared to 75% in the Emirates.

Fifty-six percent of the passengers participating in the survey in the Emirates said that they have traveled to international destinations, and they expressed in general that their confidence in air travel has not decreased, with 42 percent of them having enough confidence to board their next flight in the next six months, and these impressions were repeated in the travelers’ answers. from Spain (43%), India (43%) and Mexico (46%) who expressed similar levels of confidence in traveling by air during the same period.

When the participants were asked about their main sources of concern related to air travel, the answers of travelers in the Emirates were consistent with the global answers, as 49% of them said they were concerned about having to quarantine, and 43% of infection with the virus outside the country, so these two factors are the biggest sources of fear of travel , away from the fear of the independence of the flights themselves.

Interestingly, 49% of those surveyed by Inmarsat in the UAE consider that using public bathrooms carries a risk of infection with the virus, followed by public transportation (36%) and sports events (30%). These three places of greatest concern were the same for participants worldwide (public transportation 36%, public restrooms 35%, sporting events 34%).

The respondents were asked about the steps most able to increase their confidence in the safety of travel in the UAE with regard to future flights, and the three most frequent answers were the previous “Covid 19” checks for the flight (60%), and digital health passports (59%), And checking passengers’ temperatures (51%).

Participants from the UAE were among the most supportive of the obligation to show proof of receiving vaccinations or being immune to the disease to feel more confident about traveling by air (53%), and this may be a reflection of the success of vaccination programs in the Emirates, with about 80% of the country’s population receiving their vaccines in full.

In the same context, 41% of travelers in the UAE believe in the necessity of adopting passports for “Covid 19” vaccines, while 40% of them said that it is necessary to adopt them when vaccines are available to everyone. This is lower than that of India (63%), Brazil (57%) and Indonesia (56%), which were the three countries most in favor of adopting these passports immediately.

Despite enthusiasm for the adoption of vaccine passports, 83% of travelers in the UAE said they are satisfied with how airlines are responding to the pandemic.

Passengers in the UAE said that contact-free payment (49%) and in-flight entertainment using their own devices (41%) are the most contributors to increasing their confidence during flight, and considered the availability of wireless Internet access (WiFi) on board the most important element. After the pandemic (51%), quality of service is followed by 48%.

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