“This was the goal of aliyah, this is the essence of Zionism”

“This was the goal of aliyah, this is the essence of Zionism”
“This was the goal of aliyah, this is the essence of Zionism”

Major C. lives in Bat Yam, is married and has a daughter. He was born in Ukraine, and took part as a teenager in Zionist camps and organizations. “When I was 14, I discovered that I was a Jew through the anti-Semitism that was in Ukraine,” he says. “It made me interested and research what it means to be Jewish and what Jewish identity is. I started going to summer and winter camps of Ukrainian Jews, where we were given workshops and lectures on Zionism, the IDF and Israeli identity. I was an apprentice for a few years, and then I became a movement instructor. “

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After graduating from high school, he did a bachelor’s degree in economics and financial mathematics and a master’s degree in economics in Ukraine. So, he traveled to Israel for a “journey” program that aims to study Israeli society and be a part of it. At the end of the program, he decided to immigrate to Israel. G. was then 24 years old and lived in Raanana, did not know a word of Hebrew and went to a studio in the city.

“It was difficult for my parents when I immigrated to Israel,” G. recalled. “I told them in retrospect. In the end, they also immigrated to Israel. I was the first of the family and then my sister and my parents.” About six months after the aliyah, G. decided to enlist in the IDF.

He did his apprenticeship and became an academic sorting officer, dispersing officers to the IDF’s budget system. Admission to the position is conditional on signing several years in the army, and at that moment his journey began in the army. And he says that in HD 1 he was challenging, due to his age and the fact that his Hebrew was not good. He graduated from the Bahad, returned to Lotem and later moved under the command of the Economic Adviser to the Chief of Staff. From there he reached his current position, as head of the budget department at the Digital Transformation Directorate. C. is satisfied with his position, loves the wing and the technological world.

The Director of Digital Transformation is the Director General of the General Staff who is responsible for designing and leading the digital transformation and extracting information throughout the IDF space, in order to ensure the current and future advantage of the IDF as a power (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts). Efficiency, budget solutions, cloud and more. “Every day brings with it a new challenge and a new solution.”

When asked why he accepted the award in his opinion, G. replied: ‘I think it’s because of my hard work. I would take another job, I work a lot and love what I do. I always strive to develop, advance in the IDF and achieve significant achievements. “

On the occasion of the new year, he wants to wish: “I wish a year of health, doing, that the corona will fade and we will return to a normal life.”

For his significant work and dedication to the position, Major C receives the Outstanding Chief Liaison Officer for 2021.

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