Saturday morning: Macron will not leave Lebanon to prevent “complete chaos”… the elimination of “Hezbollah” and the fate of Al-Bitar!

Saturday morning: Macron will not leave Lebanon to prevent “complete chaos”… the elimination of “Hezbollah” and the fate of Al-Bitar!
Saturday morning: Macron will not leave Lebanon to prevent “complete chaos”… the elimination of “Hezbollah” and the fate of Al-Bitar!
Good morning, here are the highlights of Saturday 25 September 2021

Today’s headline: “Al-Nahar”:

Macron to Mikati: Your path is difficult and I will not leave Lebanon
According to what was expected from the first visit of Prime Minister Najib Mikati to Paris after the formation of the government and its gaining confidence, the 90-minute meeting between him and French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee constituted the main external launch for a Lebanese government track that hopes to open the door again to international support. Its subjects for the birth of this government the international position of it.

The editorial of “An-Nahar” was written by Bishop Cyril Bustros: Jesus’ words on the cross
“Today you will be with me in Paradise” (Luke 23:43).
The Gospel of Luke relates that two criminals (or thieves) were crucified with Jesus, one on the right and the other on the left: “And one of the crucified criminals cursed Him, saying: ‘Are you not the Christ? Save yourself and us too!’ The other answered and rebuked him, saying: ‘Don’t you fear God while you are under the same rule! As for us, we are justly punished for what our hands put forward. As for him, nothing bad has come.’

In today’s articles

“An-Nahar” writers
Ghassan Hajjar Books: The Lebanese Federalism is Progressing
They object to the federalism from a sectarian point of view. They want the egg and the crust according to the Lebanese proverb. They are not concerned with the interest of the country as much as they continue to monopolize free public services, and to maintain a situation through which they achieve visible and hidden benefits.
Those who support a Lebanese federation are based on a minority principle that seeks to survive with “dignity” after they were convinced that the current regime had lost the necessities of living and the chances of survival for the future, and with it they lost safety and perhaps privileges and priority. They want a new experience, the success of which is not inevitable, but rather an attempt to get out of the current situation, and to preserve the idiosyncrasies that were livable, as it tends to dissolve in the midst of stubborn majorities, its repercussions beyond the borders of the small country, and affecting it, and its loyalties conflict with the founders of the Lebanese entity.

Rosana Boumensef wrote: Washington between the nuclear file and Gulf relations
The US-Gulf relations witnessed some heat imposed by the United States’ use of some of these countries in order to evacuate many Afghans whom Washington wanted to evacuate before completing its withdrawal on August 31 last. Following a meeting of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken with the foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries participating in the work of the General Assembly, which witnessed remarkable contacts this year, Blinken issued a statement confirming the close and exceptional relations between his country and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Rajeh Khoury wrote: … and the Iranian “Plan B”!
The subject of the Vienna nuclear negotiations between the United States and Iran dominated the scenes of the major countries and their meetings, on the sidelines of the 76th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, but what is interesting in summing up all the statements that were mentioned is that the goal of these frantic meetings, so to speak, It is to intensify pressure with the aim of persuading Iran to return to the Vienna negotiations, which were halted last June after six sessions that did not lead to any result.

As for Sarkis Naoum, he wrote: The state of the citizen lasts, not the state of religion and sect
Federalism is still a real demand that Lebanese political and popular parties raise cautiously by demanding extensive decentralization, that is, administrative, development and perhaps financial, and some of them frankly through associations and bodies whose first and official slogan was the federal solution to “Lebanon, and this was a danger in the country.” Whether by holding conferences or by means of various media, especially the visual ones. This allowed the transformation of the Lebanese religious – doctrinal – sectarian division in Lebanon into a de facto and comprehensive state, its constitutional institutions, its official administrations and its political activities.

Wake Up Art:
…and it will be a lot of morning
After the publication of my previous article (“Buttons” 1195 – “Nahar” last Saturday) announcing my resignation from writing about the people of power, the readers were divided between supporters of it, and it was surprising that I refrained from campaigns of anger that I had launched against the hated people of power for some time.
With my thanks to the people of the two opinions, I make it clear that I did not throw the torch and never will. Rather, I resigned from following, not from writing, and I refrained from following up on the news of the rulers and commenting on them, and monitoring their statements, interviews, opinions and theories. They are behind their inner and outer masters.

Jihad Al-Zein asked: The silence surrounding the Pakistani nuclear bomb?
It is necessary to note the deafening silence about the nuclear bomb owned by Pakistan, which it reached in the arms race with India and the preparation for it began, especially after Pakistan lost the eastern region in the war with India in 1971, which ended with the separation of this region and its transformation into the state of Bangladesh. It was a process in which Pakistan became involved, at the initiative of its Prime Minister, Ali Bhutto, that would reach the stage of publicity during the era of US President Bill Clinton.

Ahmed Ayyash wrote: Eliminate “Hezbollah” and the fate of Al-Bitar!
While waiting for the announcement of the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, from the investigation file in the Beirut port explosion, there has become a sufficient conviction that the threat issued by the Head of the Coordination and Liaison Unit in “Hezbollah”, Wafiq Safa, a few days ago, and from the Palace of Justice against Judge Bitar, was tantamount to The notification was “pasted” at the latter’s actual residence, i.e. the Palace of Justice in Beirut, to the effect that the mission of the judicial investigator has ended.

In the politics section
Claudette Sarkis wrote:
A counterattack on Al-Bitar’s decisions and the flight of political and military interrogation sessions
This week, a counterattack on the decisions issued by the investigating judge, Justice Tariq Al-Bitar, in the file of the daring and unusual port explosion of this size in Lebanon, which affected current and former politicians and security officials in the state, the latest of which was the submission of a request by Representative Nohad Al-Machnouk to the Court of Appeal in Beirut for the judge’s response. Al-Bitar and the appointment of a new judicial investigator after the former Minister of Public Works and Transport, Youssef Fenianos, submitted a request before another judicial authority before the Court of Cassation to transfer this case from the hands of the judicial investigator.

As for Wajdi Al-Aridi, he wrote: Western polls and meetings with candidates for the elections… “Forces”: We will not be silent about those who collapsed the country during his reign
More than an emergency landing is recorded for international delegates and others concerned and interested in the Lebanese file in order to survey the situation in the country, and then hold meetings far from the limelight with forces that fall into the category of civil society, in addition to independent personalities, as was the case through the lightning visit that remained away from the media and the limelight. For the American ambassador, William Burns, while some veteran politicians assert that open meetings are taking place between advisors from this Western embassy and those with civil movement forces, even by the ambassadors themselves, against the background of the international community’s insistence on change and bringing a new type, and getting rid of the system The current political framework is within the framework of a new methodology that has begun to be adopted, and this is clearly demonstrated by more than one Western delegate who comes to Lebanon and meets with these youth forces, bypassing and excluding the references and party forces.

In the section Community and regions
Asrar Shbaro wrote:
Forty days after the holocaust of al-Taleel… the scars in the heart and the body
Forty days have passed since the al-Taleel Holocaust, which kidnapped 31 martyrs and left its traces on the bodies of 92 wounded… Families grieved for their loved ones, some of whom lost more than their beloved, and all because of the gasoline crisis for which the state has not found a solution so far.
The pain is great, and the heartburn in the hearts of the families of the martyrs did not subside with the passage of days. On the contrary, it was fueled by the longing for sons who were in their arms before the disaster, living with them the details of life, and if they suddenly disappeared, due to a terrible explosion, they were kidnapped in the most horrific way.

in the economics department
Maurice Matthew wrote:
Amending Decree 6433 protects the “Qana” field and may end negotiations within 3 months: Stabilizing Line 29 at the United Nations forces Tel Aviv to return to negotiations
The Lebanese delegation negotiating the demarcation of the southern maritime border imposed basic rules for negotiation with the Israeli side during the indirect rounds that took place at the Ras al-Naqoura point, until the delegation reshuffled the cards and set new rules of the game aimed at fortifying Lebanon’s negotiating position after its demand to expand the maritime borders of southern Lebanon by 1,430 kilometers. And move to the maritime line 29, to be added to the previously disputed area, which has an area of ​​860 square kilometers and is bordered by line 23, with the insistence of the Lebanese delegation on the need to amend Decree 6433 in order to strengthen its negotiating position, establish strengths, and adopt Line 29 as a strong basis for negotiations.

Camille Bou Raphael wrote: Slowness in touch services and large data expenses… Will the cost of services rise soon?
There were many complaints and reviews related to the services of Touch after the electricity and diesel crises. The most prominent complaints were represented by the slow network, as well as with regard to customer service over the phone, which has become almost absent, and the customer rarely gets lucky, and is able to reach the phone customer, and the most prominent problem is the withdrawal of large amounts of “data” and dollars, exceeding those expected The customer is appropriate with the communication he has made.

In the culture department
Hanadi Al-Diri wrote:
A cup of coffee in the kitchen: “leveled” over the phone with the richest woman in the world
You don’t want to leave…and my dad says, “This year the weather will be arrogant.” People are hungry, and “Halshi is making me sad,” she said.
A new book for the woman who specializes in Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine. I was supposed to visit her at her house in Ballouneh. We sip coffee and immerse myself in her world, the pages of which are taken from dozens of stories she has lived through the years, or witnessed through her lens, on some of her lines. In addition to her artistry in the kitchen, she is also a photographer, capturing the locks of her escape moments. You waited for me more than once. But I could not find a car equipped with “gasoline”. More than once. It was a weekend afternoon coffee, over the phone.

Dr. George Shibli wrote: Charbel Dagher distorts literature with thought
Literature alone, its speech does not follow the course of proverbs, if it is not confused with a thought, it is the most eloquent in eloquent tongues, reaching where the words fall short in clarity and significance. And if there is a connection between literature and gold, then alabaster is the color of thought and the sweetness of councils, which alerts that mental activity is present.

In the sports section:
Ahmed Mohieldin wrote:
The covenant returns to the “local battles”… and the star to get rid of sterility and calm the angry!
Al-Ahed returns to the local arena after being stripped of the AFC Cup title, as it will play two consecutive confrontations against the representatives of the town of Burj Al-Barajneh, the first today against its host Al-Burj Club at Amin Abdel Nour Municipal Stadium in Bhamdoun (15:30) in the front of the matches of the third phase of the league 62nd year of football

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