Lebanon Today: Support doses “do not revive the old bones”

Lebanon Today: Support doses “do not revive the old bones”
Lebanon Today: Support doses “do not revive the old bones”

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Neither “doses of hope and support” nor “political surgeries” may restore the Lebanese people’s confidence in a ruling class, in which corruption has become rampant and its bones decay. The Lebanese today, out of their desperation, are playing the role of spectators in the “great crash,” and they are almost indifferent. We expect the owner of an empty stomach whose salary is calculated by “tank” and who has melted his life “detention” in bank tanks, to interact positively with the visit of the Prime Minister to France. The families of the martyrs, and how many of them are today, will cool their hearts from the promises made from the stairs of the Elysee… “Dear is gone!” Lebanon today is suffering from the many tragedies and hardships it is going through, as a patient with cancer spreading throughout his body, and he is awaiting euthanasia.

All attempts to positively surround Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s visit to Paris resulted in promises of visits to Gulf countries and pledges to carry out reforms.

In the context, a well-informed Lebanese source told Al-Liwaa that the government and its head had received a strong “dose of support” from a prominent international partner, supporting the process of ending the suffering of the Lebanese, and restoring the infrastructure, banking and financial systems that have become unfit for life.

Paris is counting on the success of the new Lebanese government, and that is why the administration of French President Emmanuel Macron decided that Paris would play the role of a practical participant in developing the practical translation of the remaining provisions of the French initiative, by directly accompanying the Lebanese government, and with greater momentum than before, assisting the Mikati government in Adhering to the road map set by the initiative, and achieving concrete reform steps within a deadline not exceeding a few weeks, according to what French diplomatic sources told Al-Jumhuriya.

All this positivity was offset by the affirmation of a responsible political reference, in an interview with Al-Jumhuriya, on the condition that there were no “external positives towards Lebanon for free, and the international community emphasized that crystallizing them is the responsibility of the Lebanese, and therefore what should focus on is the attempt to achieve “internal miracles,” and those The government’s mission through its initiative to take serious and qualitative rescue steps.”

After Macron received reform promises from Mikati, he began to talk in detail about the road map that the government should adopt, according to the sources of the “Forces” website. It includes appointing regulatory bodies in the electricity and communications, and taking concrete steps to stop waste in the energy sector, requesting that quotas and sectarian and regional calculations be removed from the electricity file, ambiguously about the context, from the channel of the Free Patriotic Movement and its head, Representative Gibran Bassil. Macron also called for tightly controlling the borders, stopping smuggling, and monitoring what is happening at the legitimate and illegal crossings, this time winking from the Hezbollah channel. He also touched on the priority of reform in the banking sector and stressed the need to go as soon as possible, and with a unified paper, to the International Monetary Fund, warning against repeating the scenario of fragmentation that characterized the Lebanese position during the days of the Hassan Diab government, and which led to the torpedo of negotiations with the Fund.

Macron also considered that slimming the administration and stopping “stuffing” in the public sector is urgent. He also warned against electoral recruitment at the doors of the parliamentary elections, which seemed to be strict that they should be held on time, “otherwise,” he aimed strongly at attempts to dilute the investigations into the port crime at the hands of the people in power. Each in his own way, sometimes “judicial” and sometimes intimidating, and sometimes withholding permission to pursue. To read the full article: Special – the movement and the “party” attended the Elysee… Mikati asks for “hala”

At the same level, threats and negative messages to the judicial judges have continued, since the investigations into the Beirut port explosion crime were launched. The pressure started politically, and was completed with direct threats to the judges who are following up on the file. The concerned political authority is trying hard to transfer investigations to the Supreme Council for the Trial of Presidents and Representatives.

In this context, Paul Morcos, head of the Justicia human rights foundation, explained that “the lawsuit against the judges is a lawsuit to quarrel with the state and sue it for the actions resulting from the responsibility of the judicial judges, which are established according to the theory of the grave error committed by the judges, and are filed against them before the General Authority of the Court of Cassation, with the intention of nullifying The judgment or procedure complained of, so that the case is returned to the state it was in before the judgment or procedure complained of, pointing out that the judge whose judgment was invalidated shall be removed from the case. In an interview with the “Forces” website, he said that all these political measures “disguised” by legal provisions, the main reason for which is to stop the judicial investigator, Tariq Bitar, from the investigations into the port explosion, under the pretext of creating a kind of suspicion, and appointing a new judicial investigator in his place. To read the full article: Special – The crime of the port is greater than the “Supreme Council”… The explosion in October

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