The full story of the battle of Ibn Tariq al-Arian in Lebanon

The full story of the battle of Ibn Tariq al-Arian in Lebanon
The full story of the battle of Ibn Tariq al-Arian in Lebanon

After dozens of contradictory accounts about the true causes of Omar’s battle, the son of director Tariq Al-Arian, with the artist Sherine Abu Al-Ezz and her friends in Lebanon, which caused him to suffer many injuries that required him to undergo urgent surgery. for what happened.

Sherine Abu El-Ezz has another account of what happened – the photo is from Sherine Abu El-Ezz’s Instagram account

Hala al-Attal, the first wife of director Tariq al-Arian, has remained silent over the past few days and said that she will not speak until after her son returns from Beirut, and she fulfilled her promise and wrote a lengthy post on her Facebook account, to reveal the full story of the accident that her son Omar suffered.

Hala Al-Attal’s post on her Facebook account

Hala said: Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, for your generosity and kindness, a thousand praises and thanks, my son returned to Egypt and I would like to thank, EgyptAir for its cooperation, with us and its concern for the safety of my son, this is first. How many hours, and may God know my situation at that time, I can respond now.

And she continued: My son is respected from a family that understands the origins and is raised to treat all people with respect, especially the mirror. I mean, my son does not meet anyone.

She added: Suddenly he strangled him with ten, unfortunately. I said his men, and he was a man who was defending his fiancée, and the girls who were with them alone. With ten, they would quarrel with him, and he would have been killed, had it not been for the protection of our Lord, the right of my son would return, God willing, and I am confident in the Lebanese judiciary, and for information they try to apologize and speak to Omar and Tariq. I have a lot of calls and want to reconcile because they know that they will be imprisoned, and this is of course an impossibility because my son had operations.

She concluded her clarification by saying: This is forbidden, but I say, Praise be to God, because a man came out and he is with me, Tariq, his fiancée, and among his family and his friends, and God willing, he will complete his recovery in goodness. for my son.

It is noteworthy that Sherine Abul-Ezz presented another account of the incident and confirmed that she had filed a complaint against Omar Tariq Al-Arian, after he insisted on writing a report against her. She said that she met Omar in a public place by chance, then approached him to receive peace, and was surprised by a young woman who was with him, who entered between them and pulled Al-Arian to her side.

She added that the situation aroused the attention of those present, pointing out that she returned to her place naturally and completed her evening calmly, but that girl had again initiated provocative actions, according to her expression, and when one of Sherine’s friends intervened to solve the crisis, a dispute broke out between the young men that developed into a quarrel, denying All the rumors about Al-Arian beating her.

She explained that she had initiated the peace on Al-Arian based on an old friendship between them, and nothing more. Sherine confirmed that director Tariq Al-Arian contacted her, as well as Omar’s mother, and assured her of their solidarity with her.

Sherine revealed the bruises she suffered that night, stressing that she was examined by the forensic doctor and that she filed a lawsuit against Omar after he insisted on filing a lawsuit against her.

According to eyewitnesses, the Lebanese police summoned Sherine Abu Al-Ezz and her friend who had beaten Omar, the son of Tariq Al-Arian and his fiancée, to investigate the incident, after it was found that Omar had obtained a report from the forensic doctor confirming that he needed a six-week treatment.

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